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Raider Activities

Office Hours for the School Year:
7:00 am - 3:30 pm
Summer Office Hours: Vary


Admission Prices for Games:
   $6 Adults
   $4 Students and Senior Citizens
   $50 for a Season Pass

Activities Schedules and Directions to Event Locations are available on the
Suburban East Conference
web site.

Potential Division I or Division II Student Athletes Please click here



Contact RAHS Activities Staff:
Jeff Whisler - Director 651-604-1475
Mike Flatten - Assistant to the Director 651-604-1469
Kim Dean - Administrative Assistant 651-635-1670
Benno Sydow - Equipment Manager 651-635-1660
Kris Elfstrom- Activities Coordinator 651 635-1683

Contact RAMS/Parkview Activities Staff:
Mike Holmes - Director 651-482-5290
Cindy Amadick - Secretary 651-482-5290
Beth Willinger - Parkview Contact 651-487-4360


for Participation in
Roseville Athletics (Grades 7-12)

To download them (PDF format), click on the name of the file below.

Grades 7-12 Athletics Forms (RAHS, RAMS, Parkview):

Physical Exam Form (Needed Every 3 Years)

RAHS Athletics Forms:

Emergency Card Athletic Trainer Authorization

InsuranceTravel Waiver

MSHSL Eligibility Brochure (used for Athletics and Fine Arts)

Alcohol & Chemical Use Statement

NCAA Division I & II Eligibility Standards

Grades 7/8 Athletics Forms:

RAMS/Parkview Athletics Participation Consent Form

Insurance/Travel Consent

Emergency Card