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American History

U.S. Symbols

  • Flag:
  • Independence Day:
  • Liberty Bell:
    • Liberty Bell - Facts about the bell's message and history
    • Hear how the Liberty Bell might have sounded
  • White House:
    • Life in the White House - check out the photo essays to see how different rooms of the White House have changed over the years. Learn about the history of the American presidents's home
    • White House Historical Association - learn about the history of the House, or find out about visiting this home of the US presidents

Other Symbols

  • Ben's Guide Symbols of the U.S. Government - Pictures of U.S. symbols with a short discription. Includes symbols on: USA Flag, Bald Eagle, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, Statue of Liberty and the White House.
  • Kidport Icons - American Icons with some information about the icon. This site includes information about: George Washington, American Flage, Abraham Lincoln, Liberty Bell, Fourth of July, and many others.
  • Kidport Landmarks - American landmarks with some information about the landmark

About U.S. Governent

50 States information



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