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OTC (DXM) Drug Abuse

“Think that drug abuse among teens is limited to illegal substances like marijuana and club drugs such as Ecstasy? Think again. If you're like most parents, you're probably not aware that a number of over-the-counter (OTC) products, such as many cold and cough medicines, can potentially be abused by teens looking to get high.”

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You can also Download an OTC (DXM) Fact Sheet.

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Students in Roseville Area Schools are provided with chemical health support and broad-based prevention services to address a wide range of issues. The goal is to educate students about making positive, chemically-free choices that support academic progress, social engagement, and emotional well-being.

Roseville Area Schools is committed to collaboration among students, school, family, and the community to promote chemical health through prevention, intervention and support:

  • Provide support to students, parents, and staff through education, awareness, and programming
  • Collaboration with school staff regarding student concerns
  • Individual contact regarding student’s chemical use
  • Partnering with parents to discuss options (contracts, chemical evaluations, groups, treatment or other interventions)
  • Follow-up for all Roseville Area School students receiving chemical violations
  • Referral to, and collaboration with, community services and programs for chemical health and related issues.

Call Brian Bossany at 651-604-1421 or e-mail at for more information.


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