District Center

1251 County Road B2 West
Roseville, MN 55113
651-635-1659 - Fax


Dr. John Thein Superintendent 651-628-6452
Merrie Zakaras Executive Assistant: Superintendent  
Peter Olson-Skog Assistant Superintendent 651-635-1622
Chrissy Rehnberg Executive Assistant: Assistant Superintendent  
Dr. Chris Sonenblum Director of Student Services 651-635-1608
Debbie Gurak Executive Assistant: Student Services  
Cindy Gustafson Supervisor of Human Resources 651-628-6446
Karen Schaub Director of Community Education and Public Relations (FVCC*) 651-604-3507
Kathy Englund Executive Assistant: Community Education/PR (FVCC*)  

Student Services:

P.C. Clymer Supervisor 651-635-1605
Stacey Dahlby Supervisor 651-635-1641
Debbie Gurak Executive Assistant 651-635-1608
Carrie Hayne Secretarial Support 651-635-1642
TBD Supervisor 651-635-1624
Jolene Moore Supervisor 651-635-1637
Pat Rusinko Secretarial Support 651-635-1645
Martha Simpson Supervisor 651-635-1636
Kathie Tucker Secretarial Support 651-635-1658
  Department Fax 651-628-6441
  Special Education Staff Contact Information  

Support Services:

Barb Anderson Assistant Director for Finance & Budgeting 651-635-1615
Marilyn Auge Executive Assistant: Human Resources 651-635-1611
Charlotte Boche Secretary: Buildings & Grounds/Nutrition Services 651-628-6442
Tina Clasen Supervisor: Technology Support Services 651-604-1476
Natalie Crosby Central Enrollment 651-635-1631
Julie Cyptar Employee Insurance Benefits/Annuities Specialist 651-635-1639
Dennis Dreier Coordinator: Custodial Services 651-628-6440
Kathy Goswitz Accounts Receivable 651-628-6450
Tom Krueger Assistant: Human Resources 651-628-6459
Mai Lor Receptionist/Post Graduate Transcripts 651-635-1600
Polly Lutzka Accounts Payable 651-635-1629
Jim Monroe Transportation Assistant 651-635-1638
Wayne M. Powers Supervisor: Infrastructure and Cable Services 651-635-1623
Chrissy Rehnberg Executive Assistant: Director of Teaching and Learning 651-635-1622
Susan Richardson Coordinator of Nutrition Services 651-635-1619
Lora Rutt Data Processing & Census 651-628-6449
Tom Thomalla Supervisor: Buildings of Grounds 651-628-6455
Jan Vanderwall Coordinator: Transportation & Wellness 651-635-1609
Deb Whiteoak Payroll Specialist (A-Z) 651-628-6443
Merrie Zakaras Executive Assistant: Superintendent 651-628-6452

*Office Located at:
Fairview Community Center (FVCC)
1910 County Road B West
Roseville, Minnesota 55113
651-604-3501 - FAX