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The ISD 623 Media Technology department is comprised of dedicated teachers and staff who believe that student achievement is the result of students developing critical thinking skills. These skills, currently dubbed 21st century skills, are the learning foundation on which student competence and achievement is built. These skills are taught collaboratively with classroom teachers in any curricular area.

The Media/Tech staff includes media specialists (LMS), media tech assistants (MTA) and instructional media technicians (IMT). The media specialist is the information resource and technology expert who works with students and staff providing authentic research, reading and collaborative experiences that develop the student’s critical thinking skills. The MTA and IMT staff help create the wonderful, welcoming and caring environment in the media centers of all the district schools.

Ongoing staff development integrating technology, promoting reading and supporting students’ literacy achievement is a goal of the department.

Check out the current Technology Plan for more information.

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