Welcome to Fairview Alternative High School (FAHS)


School Day:
8:50 am – 3:20 pm; Monday through Friday

Phone: 651-604-3800
Fax: 651-604-3801
Attendance Office: 651-604-3800

Principal Laura Freer

Laura Freer

To arrange an intake, please call the office at 651-604-3800

Enrollment in the district will only be accepted at the District Center, 1251 W. County Road B-2, Roseville, MN 55113.

To make an appointment to register your child(ren), please call Central Enrollment at 651-635-1626 or e-mail them at: enrollment@isd623.org. Their Internet web site for Central Enrollment forms and other information is: http://www.isd623.org/enrollment/.

Fairview Alternative High School (FAHS)
Fairview Community Center
1910 County Road B West
Roseville, Minnesota 55113

Cultural Liaisons:
Hmong - 651-604-3594
Karen - 651-604-3543
Latino - 651-604-3546

Laura Freer, Principal
Brian Bailey, Assistant Program Coordinator & Physical Education Teacher
Vicki Day, Secretary
Jeff Babineau, Special Education Teacher & Work Based Learning Teacher
Brian Bossany, Chemical Health Counselor
Laura Corcoran, Art Teacher
Janelle DiCarlo, Math Teacher
Rainbow Espinosa, EL Teacher
Mary Jo Feely, School Nurse
Bob Goepel, Work Based Learning Coordinator
Charles Hall, Business Teacher
Mark Jansen, Social Studies Teacher
Katie Johnson, EL Teacher
Maureen Kieger, Language Arts Teacher
Amanda Loge, Social Worker
Martha Mason-Miller, EL Teacher
Jessica Mernin, Counselor
Jordan Nelson, School Psychologist
Sam Northey, Science Teacher
Kelly Place, Science Teacher
Whitney Schultz, Language Arts Teacher
Laura Tucci, Social Studies Teacher

FAHS Summer School

Summer school will be held at FAHS on Monday through Thursday June 23 – July 24 from 8:00 am to 12:35 pm. Breakfast and lunch will be provided at no cost to you.

Below you will find a chart with the pick up times and drop off times at a Roseville School. The students will be picked up at the nearest Roseville school to your home.

Please note that students will be taken to Roseville Area High School where they will take a shuttle bus over to FAHS. At the end of the day, students will be shuttled back to RAHS where they will get back on their afternoon bus to take them to the nearest elementary or middle school.

Shuttle Bus to FAHS from RAHS: #3 and #4 7:45 am
Shuttle Bus to RAHS from FAHS: #3 and #4 12:35 pm
All buses will leave RAHS 12:45 pm

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office at 651-604-3800.

See you on Monday, June 23rd!


Pick up Times in AM Bus # Drop off Times in the PM Bus #
Eustis & Idaho 7:04 AM 3 1:07 PM 3
Larpenteur & Arona (on Arona) 7:10 AM 3 1:13 PM 3
Falcon Heights Elementary 7:14 AM 3 1:16 PM 3
Brimhall Elementary 7:20 AM 3 1:02 PM 3
Fairview & Oakcrest Ave 7:27 AM 3 12:58 PM 3
Edgerton Elementary 7:15 AM 4 1:10 PM 4
Roselawn & McMenemy 7:17 AM 4 1:07 PM 4
Roselawn & Jackson 7:20 AM 4 1:05 PM 4
Labore Road & Payne Ave 6:56 AM 5 1:24 PM 5
Little Canada Elementary 7:00 AM 5 1:20 PM 5
Big Circle & So Owasso 7:06 AM 5 1:15 PM 5
Cty Rd D & Victoria 7:16 AM 5 12:56 PM 5
Central Park Elementary> 7:22 AM 5 1:05 PM 5
Parkview Elementary 7:32 AM 5 1:01 PM 5
Larpenteur Ave & Woodbridge 7:15 AM 6 1:05 PM 6
Mississippi & Skillman 7:18 AM 7 1:10 PM 7
Roseville Area Middle School 7:26 AM 5 1:00 PM 7



What does FAHS stand on?

  • All people can and want to learn.
  • There is a balance between teacher-led and student-directed learning.
  • Flexibility and choice can increase motivation in our learning community.
  • In creating a strong connection to future career options, we can be successful.

Fairview Alternative High School meets student needs by individualized and small group instruction through smaller class sizes, personalized learning experiences, flexible scheduling, and a work based learning curriculum.

The purpose of Fairview Alternative High School is to create a less traditional, more flexible environment; to expand options for students; to establish supportive relationships with students, staff, and families to ensure academic success; and to empower students.

Students will have the opportunity to earn their Roseville Area School Diploma, combine school and a career, improve academic and vocational skills, maximize creative talent, learn through individualized and small group instruction, develop and define social skills, and explore responsible patterns to make positive life choices.

If you are a parent or student who is interested in learning more about Fairview Alternative High School, please contact your high school counselor or FAHS directly at 651-604-3800.