Strategic Planning

Download the PDF version of the Strategic Planning Roadmap

Equity In All We Do . . .

The School Board has adopted a Strategic Roadmap, which drives the District's plan for continuous improvement. The administration approves Vision Scorecards which serve to align services and operations to the directions outlined by the Board. District administrators have developed a series of monitoring reports. The Strategic Roadmap is reviewed on an annual basis and will be updated or revised as needed.

Strategic Planning Roadmap

  • Vision - What we intend to create
  • Core Values - What drives our words and actions
  • Equity Vision - Our commitment to ensuring an equitable and respectful educational experience for every student, family and staff member
  • Strategic Directions - Our focused allocation of resources


Following the School Board's approval of the Strategic Roadmap, the administration finalized its VisionCards. These VisionCards serve to align services and operations to the CLEAR Strategic Directions outlined by the Board.

  • VisionCards (Performance Measures & Measurement Tools) - The VisionCards highlight how District progress toward fulfilling our mission and attaining our vision is monitored and measured. They serve to focus the District in gathering useful and applicable information that will identify whether the District is fulfilling its mission, assess progress toward achieving the vision, and identify the relationships between actions and the outcomes sought.

    The VisionCards identify specific indicators that can be used to monitor progress and identify future challenges. These measures will be formally assessed annually and presented to the School Board through regular monitoring reports. The scorecards will also be used to drive individual school and program improvement plans.

2012-13 Monitoring Reports

District administrators will develop a series of monitoring reports - detailed quantitative and qualitative reports that demonstrate implementation of the Strategic Roadmap. The administration has drafted the following tentative calendar for the presentation of Monitoring Reports to the School Board and the community.

Download the PDF version of the Strategic Roadmap