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Cyberspace, The Not So New Frontier?

The internet is a wondrous place. There is vast information right at our fingertips, but whether the information is accurate is a question that should be in the back of the mind of the user.

Cyberbullying: The information superhighway has no caution signs or speed limits posted and we can conclude that our students are moving at full speed, but there are problems. One of the more destructive problems is the cyberbully – which is anyone who repeatedly misuses technology to harass, intimidate, bully or terrorize another person. Children are using the anonymity of the Internet and text messaging through a cell phone to harass other children, spread cruel rumors, and sometimes even threaten physical harm. The worst thing is that it can happen anywhere, anytime. The same technology that has brought so many benefits is also bringing pain to many children, while allowing others to brutalize their peers without the chance of getting caught. Instant messaging (IM’s), chat areas, face book, and texting are the biggest problem. The previous list of tech talk have replaced the pre-teen and teen rituals of the past – passing notes and talking on the phone, let alone face-to-face.

Guiding your child’s experience through cyberspace won’t be easy because it is a world that is far different from anything we have experienced. The safety of our children is first and foremost, but for some reason parent/guardians feel uncomfortable laying down the law when it comes to electronic devises.

Do you know what hhoj means? The question is real. I did not make an error in my typing. The series of letters is a part of the text-messaging world. It is code, and quickly becoming a new language for text messages…hhoj means ha ha only joking, but not everyone is laughing. Other text language: pos (parent over shoulder), pir (parent in room), bbfn (bye bye for now).

When making a decision about younger children's computer use, think about what it will be like 10 years down the road. It is easy to put a computer in a young child’s room with educational software on it and no internet access. When that same child is 13, and the internet has been added it will be more difficult to intervene. Parent/Guardians need to talk to their children about safety and bullying on the internet. Supervising internet use is a start. Is the computer your kids use in a high traffic area? Encourage children to report if bullying occurs.

With older children it will be difficult, especially with texting and instant messages. Encourage them not to respond, remind them that screen names may be falsely created. Experts recommend that people keep online friendships in the virtual world. Meeting online friends face to face carries more risks than other types of friendships because it's so easy for young people to pretend to be something or someone they're not when you can't see them or talk in person.

Cyberspace, the not so new frontier… There are many positive opportunities, but there are also negative opportunities that can cause great harm. We need to protect our children from the dangers that lurk throughout this not so new frontier.

What kind of digital legacy will your children leave?

What kind of digital legacy are you leaving?

How to Stop Cyberbullying: Learn what your schools can do to protect students and fend off lawsuits. Read Full Story

Common Sense Media takes a comprehensive look at Cyberbullying and how it affects everyone. "Kids take turns playing different roles, as the aggressor, the victim, the bystander -- or they may stand up and try to stop it." Read More...

If you are interested in internet privacy and safety, here is a guide to many of the new and proposed laws regarding privacy in the United States (01-01-14). The Legislation of Privacy: New Laws That Will Change Your Life (PDF).


Additional Information:


Cyberbullying Research Center ( The Cyberbullying Research Center is dedicated to providing up-to-date information about the nature, extent, causes, and consequences of cyberbullying among adolescents. Cyberbullying can be defined as "willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices."

Stop Cyberbullying ( what is it? - how it works - why cyberbully? - prevention - take action - what's the law?

Cyberbullying and Internet Safety - information from Wesley Fryer includes a variety of still valid resources although this page was initially set up in 2007. There is a link to his newest materials also.

Embrace Civility in the Digital Age has developed a framework to address safe and responsible Internet use ~ Cyber Savvy Schools. - ( Offers Safety Advice & Tools: A Parents' Guide to Facebook, Facebook privacy tools, Family Contract for Online Safety, Guidelines for Parents of Pre-teens, Guidelines for Parents of Teens, Resources for Youth in Crisis, When schools can discipline off-campus behavior and Cyberbullying Tips.

WiredKids ( is designed to teach kids how to surf safely and how to have fun doing it.

Social Media Safety

"Social media is all the rage today among teenagers and older adults as well. For many people, the bulk of their daily communications is done via platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media has truly revolutionized the way we communicate, enabling multiple users to instantly get in touch with each other regardless of distance or time zones. We have started to connect with each other in new ways. Compared to older times when one would have to wait months for a single letter, today users keep in touch on a micro level. They get to know what their friends and family are doing on a daily basis. In this way, people on opposite sides of the world can maintain close bonds despite not being able to see each other face to face." (~ Barbara Hayes, retired educator)

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How To Stop Bullying Blog ( - SAFE International is Canada's leader in personal protection instruction. The mission of the blog is to inform and educate both youth and adults on "How To Stop Bullying" in both the school yard and workplace environment.

Day of Silence - April 20 ( - The Day of Silence is the largest single student-led action towards creating safer schools for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. During the Day of Silence, students may be taking a vow of silence for part or all of the day in order to show support for victims who have suffered harassment and bullying stemming from GLBT status.

National Bullying Prevention Month – October ( Communities nationwide are urged to plan for National Bullying Prevention Month, held in October, and take an active role in the movement against bullying by using PACER resources. PACER created the campaign in 2006, when it was a one week event in October and in 2010 evolved to the entire month of October. During the event—and throughout the year—you are encouraged to use the creative resources there to engage, educate, and inspire others to join the movement.

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Being Safe at School: Understanding Bullying is provided as a service by Esentia Systems Inc., a security camera distributor. "Many people go through their childhood years and are confronted by a bully at some point. Simply because this is a common occurrence certainly does not make it acceptable. While many parents might be tempted to brush it off, consider this: each day, around 160,000 students skip school due to fears of attacks from bullies. Bullying is a serious threat to children that affects them physically, mentally and emotionally."

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VoiceNation Live (a Quality Answering Service)- A Call to Stop Bullying - ( This site contains a huge variety of resources including advice for kids, resources for students, resources for parents and teachers, and much more.


District 623 Information:

District 623 Policy for Bullying | Harassment and Violence | Hazing

District 623 Equity Information


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