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Did you know that Parkview Center School has a School Forest, right on site here in Roseville? A School Forest is an outdoor classroom where teachers and students explore the natural world to learn core academic skills and which serves as a living environmental education classroom. Our School Forest, an official designation bestowed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, is located right out the back door, around the upper playground and along the slope between the school and Highway 36. We have been a School Forest since 1993, when an active team of parents, teachers, and natural resource professionals broke new ground and established the Forest.The trees planted by students led by that team literally transformed the landscape around our school. The opportunity those students had to participate in an active environmental program transformed their educational experience.

Our site co-coordinators are Stacy Nelson (Parkview parent and 5th grade math teacher) and Linda Haugen (Parkview parent and Natural Resource Professional). Our current goals are to continue to develop and improve the site and to provide environmental education resources and opportunities to teachers. We want to continue to give students the opportunity to plant trees, learn about the environment, and experience learning outdoors.

Recent Projects

Arbor Day is April 27th, and in Minnesota the entire month of May is Arbor Month. On this occasion we recognize the value of trees, and we plant trees.

Parkview planted. The DNR provided 500 free seedlings to our school forest (jack pine, white cedar, chokecherry, wild plum, crabapple, serviceberry, dogwood, and highbush cranberry). Grades 4-6 planted trees and shrubs along the Highway 36 fence line and on the hillside above the tennis courts.

2012 Arbor Month Activities:
Project Learning Tree (PLT) activities are planned for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders. In "Does It Come From Trees?" the 1st/2nd grades will examine how many of our everyday products are actually from many parts of many different trees. In "Lifecycle of Trees" the 3rd graders will get to think about the process of tree growth over time, and how our own trees here on site are growing and changing over time.


  • We have a draft map of tree species on site. This tree map will assist you with tree identification or other use of our site. The map makes a great tool to use along with the tree identification books that we have for check-out in the Media Center. We have classroom sets of 3 different levels of tree identification guides. Copies of the maps (in plastic page protectors) can be borrowed from the Media Center.
  • We have the set of 30 portable field desks in the Media Center for checkout and use during outdoor learning. There are 30 wooden boxes/desks: 10 green, 10 Red and 10 Blue. Each has a clipboard on top, which slides open and is stocked with a pencil, sharpener, small notepad, 12" ruler, and 10x magnifier. Read More ...
  • Our rustic amphitheatre will seat a full elementary class (26 to 30 kids). There are 8 to 10 individual "sitting stumps" scattered throughout the forest, along with three log benches near the "rock pile," and a group of 5 "sitting stumps" under the spruce on the upper playground. Read More ...
  • Linda is available to work with teachers, classes, or small groups on most Fridays. We also have other very skilled parent volunteers who want to work with teachers and classes.

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School Forest Log Amphitheatre
PCS Log Amphitheatre Log sitting stump Seat by Tree Seat by Rocks Log and Chair

School Forest Portable Desks
Forest Desks 1 Forest Desks 2 Forest Desks 3

Please check out the history of the original School Forest Initiative.

Take a tour of our site and see how trees benefit our environment.

You can also find an environmental book to read, view student artwork, or copy some lesson plans!

See where Our School Forest is located!


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Tree Song

Picture of Tree on PCS Courtyard window “Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a songbird will appear.”


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