Parkview Center School:
Location and Directions to our School


We hope you enjoy looking at the GIS data below. If you would like a tour of our building, please contact Kathy Farrell at 651-487-4381 or e-mail her.

Thank You.

Directions to Parkview Center School Using GoogleMaps

look at this page which has general directions and a link to Google Maps.

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So, Where in the World is Parkview Center School???

The pages on our tour use remotely sensed imagery and digital Geographic Information System (GIS) data to pin-point our school on the earth. Data for these pages was begged, borrowed or "stolen" from a number of sources including the Ramsey County Surveyors Office, NASA, and the National Weather Service.

We are grateful for their help.

Now let's begin the tour!

*Thanks to Miguel Lindgren (PCS Parent) for the picture of the our School.


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March, 2011