RAHS Entrance to Performing Arts Center

RAHS Attendance

24 Hour Phone: 651-604-1465
E-mail lynda.steele@isd623.org

RAHS Basic Attendance Policies

  • Parents/guardians must notify the Attendance Office of a student absence by calling 24 hour attendance line (651-604-1465) OR
    sending a note to attendance before or the day following the absence.*
  • Please be sure to include the full name of student, date(s) of absence, parent/guardian signature, date and daytime phone number.
  • Call attendance office to report all absences each day that child is absent from school.
  • Extended absences for trips should be pre-arranged with administration.
  • To avoid disruption to the learning environment, we cannot relay messages to students except in cases of emergency.
  • Limit absences by scheduling appointments, vacations, college visits, etc. on non-school time.

Attendance records can also be made available upon request.

Read the full Attendance Policy.