RAHS Parent Teacher Student Association


The mission of the RAHS PTSA is to continue to increase two way communication between teachers, parents, students and administration.   At PTSA meetings, parents are regularly given the opportunity to provide input on school issues.  

PTSA is a great way to connect with RAHS, have a real impact on what’s happening in the school and reinforce to your student that you care about his/her education. If you would like more information about the RAHS PTSA and how you can be involved, please e-mail Ann Resemius, RAHS PTSA President, at:   northerncardinal1@msn.com.

In addition to the ongoing activities performed by the PTSA - scholarships, dances, prom, graduation, awarding of small grants to teachers and/or activity leaders - the PTSA will continue its efforts in the following areas:

  • Increase the dissemination of information to parents,
  • Hold informational PTSA meetings with speakers from RAHS about various topics.

Specific requests for information or ideas for programs can be directed to Ann Resemius at:  northerncardinal1@msn.com.