Options for Earning Credit Toward Graduation

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Roseville Area High School offers options for earning high school credit in alternative ways, including (PDF version of these guidelines):

  • Summer opportunities
  • Online learning
  • Other recognized learning educational institutions that offer a high school/college diploma and have licensed teachers

What is Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)?

PSEO is open to eligible juniors and seniors (11th and 12th grade students) who wish to earn dual high school and college credit. Students may attend a technical college, a community college, a private, liberal college or university, any of the state universities or a private, non-profit two year trade or technical school, full or part-time, for high school credit.

It is the responsibility of the student to meet college admission requirements and registration deadlines as well as monitor completion of credits required for high school graduation. Students receive a transcript from the college and in most cases the credits can be transferred to other colleges or universities.

Students should work with their high school counselor to insure the post secondary courses taken will meet graduation requirements. Students will register for a full schedule at RAHS then adjust their high school schedule after registration at the college has been completed. An informational meeting on PSEO is held on curriculum night at RAHS.

The Minnesota Department of Education (http://education.state.mn.us/MDE/StuSuc/CollReadi/PSEO/) has important information about the PSEO law and is a great resources for answering more specific questions. This handout (PDF) will also answer some basic questions about PSEO.

Students interested in taking advantage of one or more of the above options should follow the respective procedures as listed below:

All options for credit must follow these guidelines:

  1. Student must be attending RAHS.
  2. Student must have received approval prior to the start of option.
  3. Maximum of five (5) credits may be earned and recorded on student transcript during a student's years at RAHS.
  4. Options for credit granted through recognized educational institutions only (recognized educational institutions that offer a high school/college diploma and have licensed teachers).
  5. Grades earned will be included in student's GPA.

An Options for Credit Committee will review requests. Appeals may also be directed to this committee for review. This committee may include the district's Gifted and Talented coordinator, lead teacher from relevant department, an administrator and the student's counselor. Committee may also include other staff members as applicable.

(Notes: Options for credit will not include supplemental school field trips or driver's education. UMTYMP does not fall under this procedure).

1 credit = 60 hours