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Policies are the formal guidelines established by the School Board to ensure that Roseville Area Schools operates in an effective and efficient manner in order to achieve its mission of "Quality Teaching and Learning for All." Policies define the desire and intent of the School Board while delegating the implementation of policy to the Superintendent of Schools and administrative staff.

Policies help clarify the school district's responsibilities for important issues, especially for students.

Student, Visitor, Volunteer Policies

The following polices are those that pertain directly to students and parents.

400P - Acceptable Use
508P - Bullying
584P - Use of Student Data
608P - Graduation Requirements
416P - Harassment and Violence
544P - Hazing
504P - Student Attendance
520P - Student Discipline
724P - Student Transportation
732P - Student Transportation Safety
804P - Visitors
808P - Volunteers
580P - Wellness

All District 623 Policies:

100 Series - School District Organization | 200 Series - School Board Governing Policies | 400 Series - Employees/Personnel
500 Series - Students | 600 Series - Educational Program | 700 Series - Non-Instructional Operations
800 Series - Community Relations

School District Organization

104P - Equal Employment Non-Discrimination

School Board Governing Policies

200P - School Board Governing Commitment
202P -School Board Governing Style
203P - School Board Annual Work Plan
204P - School Board Job Description
206P - School Board Officer Roles
208P - School Board Committees
210P - School Board Code of Conduct
212P - School Board Conflict of Interest
214P - School Board Process for Addressing Board Member Violations
216P - School Board/Superintendent Relationship
220P - Superintendent/Staff Accountability
222P - Authority Delegation to the Superintendent
224P - Monitoring Superintendent (CEO) Performance


400P - Acceptable Use
404P - Alcohol Chemical Use Employee
408P - Employee Right to Know
412P - Family Medical Leave
416P - Sexual, Racial, and Religious Harassment & Violence
420P - Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse
428P - Public and Private Personnel Data
432P - Smoking and Tobacco Products
436P - Solicitations By and of Staff Members
440P - Subpoena of a School District Employee


500P - Acceleration
504P - School Attendance
508P - Bullying Prohibition
512P - Chemical Use - Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs Students
516P - Communicable Diseases
520P - Student Discipline
528P - Dispensation of Medication for Students
532P - Do Not Resuscitate-Do not Intubate
540P - Fundraising by Students
544P - Hazing
548P - Immunizations
552P - Informing Parents of Outside Agencies
556P - Initial Admission and Placement
560P - Limited Open Enrollment
564P - NonResident Student Attendance
568P - Retention
572P - Student Security
576P - Use of Peace Officers to Remove Students with IEPs
580P - Wellness
584P - Collection, Maintenance, Use and Release Student Data

Educational Program

604P - Curriculum Development
608P - Graduation Requirements
612P - Home Schooling
616P - Instructional Materials Selection
620P - Requests for Consideration of Instructional Materials
624P - Pupil Progress Reporting
628P - Research in Schools
632P - Services to Part-time Students
636P - Special Education and Related Services
640P - Title I Parent Involvement

Non-Instructional Operations

700P - Advertising
704P - Cable Communications
706P - Investments
708P - Emergency Response Management
712P - Gifts
716P - Political Campaigns
720P - Resource Allocation Guidelines
724P - School Bus Transportation
732P - Student Transportation Safety
736P - Use of School District Facilities and Equipment
744P - Governmental Fund Type Definitions and Fund Balance Reporting
748P - Health and Safety

Community Relations

800P - Community Education
804p - Visitors
808P - Volunteers

If you have questions concerning these policies or any other district policy, you may contact the building principal, or the Office of the Superintendent at 651-628-6452.

Policies are saved as PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader software is needed to view them.