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Various documents are available in alternate formats:
(e.g., assistive listening device kit, large print, CD) upon request.

Please contact Merrie Zakaras at 651-628-6452 or 651-635-1648 (TDD) to make a request prior to the meeting or for any other questions.

Board Communications

The Board of Education is the policy-making body for Roseville Area Schools. While the Board is responsible for school programs and operations by law, it delegates authority for the day-to-day operation of the District to the Superintendent of Schools.

Board Communications

Citizen participation is valued in Roseville Area Schools. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to let us know if you have concerns or have good things to tell us. There are a number of ways residents can communicate with the School Board Members.


You are always welcome to share successes or concerns with a school board member or the superintendent. School board members’ email addresses and phone numbers can be found at

To send an email to all board members at once, e-mail

The following process provides a suggested approach to working with the district to resolve concerns:

  1. Share your concern with the person most directly involved (i.e. classroom teacher, the coach, etc.) Many times the concern may be the results of misinformation or miscommunication.

  2. If your concern is not resolved, then bring it to the attention of the building principle or appropriate supervisor.

  3. If there is still an issue, direct your concern to the appropriate administrator or the superintendent.

  4. If at any time, you have questions, want a sounding board, or do not feel your issues are getting addressed, contact your school board members.

SPEAK DURING ‘COMMUNITY INPUT’ PORTION OF SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS (recorded and televised) Community Input Guidelines (PDF).

The schools belong to the citizens of the district, and their involvement in major decisions affecting the district is proper and can be a valuable form of assistance to the Board. Citizens who wish to address the Board may do so regardless of whether or not a topic is on the agenda.

The following guidelines are for individuals desiring to speak during the Citizen Comment portion of the School Board meeting agenda.

  1. At least 15 minutes prior to each meeting, a sign-up sheet will be available at the meeting site for citizens to sign up to provide comments. Speakers are asked to sign their name, address, school or organization represented, and give a brief summary of the intended statement or question(s) they would like answered. Those whose names and addresses are on the sign-up sheet when the meeting is called to order will have an opportunity to speak.

  2. The School Board is interested in your comments and will listen carefully, but does not respond or debate issues in this forum. Should you desire a written response to a specific question, please be sure to indicate the question on the sign-up sheet. School Board and/or administrative responses will be provided to you within two weeks following the meeting, with copies sent to the entire School Board.

  3. Speakers will be provided up to five minutes (or ten minutes per delegation) to address the Board, unless the Board Chair grants an exception. When the Board Chair proceeds with the meeting, audience comments are no longer in order; however, Board members may call on staff for information to assist the Board in its deliberations.

  4. Personal attacks on students, staff members, or Board members will not be allowed. Due to data privacy laws, referring to an individual by name will be ruled out of order. The use of vulgar or profane language will also be ruled out of order. Speakers unwilling to abide by the rules or time constraints will be asked to stop.

Contact Us With Questions or Requests for Alternative Formats

Various documents are available in alternate formats (e.g., assistive listening device kit, large print, CD) upon request.

Please contact Merrie Zakaras at 651-628-6452 or 651-635-1648 (TDD) to make a request prior to the meeting or for any other questions.