Support Services - Contacts

Psychologists - Social Workers - Nurses - Counselors

Student Support Services offer an umbrella of supports to address the academic, social-emotional, health, and mental health needs of students in the district. The goal of these professionals is to improve students' capacities to learn and thrive through the support of schools, families, and communities working in partnerships together.

Student Support Services staff:

  • work to create schools that are caring communities of connection, where all students can learn and thrive;
  • provide resources, services, and support for students, families, and staff related to health, mental health, social-emotional, attendance, and academic issues;
  • consult with building staff to help ensure quality education for students;

These services are provided by school psychologists, social workers, counselors, and nurses


2013-2014 Building Contacts for Student Support Services

Building Psychologist Social Worker / Counselor Nurse
Brimhall Jenie Cirilli-Raether
Michael Stanefski
Mary Anne Mathews
Central Park Michele Wackman
Angela Feigal
P.K. Andersen
Edgerton Sara Hallquist
Carrie Walker
P.K. Andersen
E.D. Williams David Thompson
Peggy McLafferty-Yares
Liz Freeman
Falcon Heights Paige Wallin-Lemke
Michael Stanefski
Liz Freeman
Harambee Cora Reidenbach
Peggy McLafferty-Yares
Mary Jo Feely
Little Canada Lisa Valerius

David Thompson
Tina Hogberg
Mary Jo Feely
Parkview Sarah Buxton
Abby Musegades

Heather Brenden (Homebase Mental Health)
Debbie Legan
RAMS Amy Grengs
Bo Vue (Social Worker)

Todd Richter (Counselor)

Julie Gabos (Counselor)
Diana Gertz

Emily Riebel

Amy Grengs
Michael Garcia (Social Worker)

John Kaiser (A-D)

Anna Sattler (E-J)

Terry Johnson (K-M)

Michele Edwards (N-Sla)

Rebecca Sutten (Slb-Z)

Tom Tillberry (A-Z - PSEO/NEMETRO-916)

Brian Bossany (Chemical Health)
Nancy Barenthin

Ann Depaolis-Jones
FAHS Jordan Nelson
Amanda Loge
Mary Anne Mathews
ECSE Jordan Nelson
Amanda Loge
Mary Anne Mathews