Dr. Thein Reading to Young Students

A Message from
Superintendent Thein


JUne 12, 2014


"We are family, all our students, staff and me.
We are family, no matter our culture, background or degrees.
We are family, we are 623.

Dear Friends:

As you read this issue of the 623 Today, you will notice a theme of families, connecting, welcoming, and community. As the Sister Sledge song stated, "We are family," and that sense of togetherness is what we believe in District 623.

During my tenure in Roseville Schools, I have learned that student who have a sense of belonging not only like school better but also achieve more, and attend school more regularly basis. The feeling of being connected to the larger school community lessens the chance of discipline problems, makes it more likely the students will graduate with their classmates, and better prepares them for the next step in life. We are family.

Roseville Area Schools is pleased to welcome Harambee Elementary School to our family of schools. Like all Roseville Schools, Harambee is a family-centered school with a commitment to family involvement, connecting with the larger community, and welcoming all, no matter their culture or background. We are family.

Each of the student and staff success stories in this issue have a direct connection to family members who offered encouragement and support, staff members who said they believed in them, or fellow students who made them feel welcomed and respected. Individual student success is built with the support of many encouraging 623 family members. When one of us succeeds, all of us succeed. We are family.

Actor Michael J. Fox stated, "Family is not an important thing. It’s everything!" In District 623 we believe that student achievement is the main thing, but family is everything.



Dr. John Thein