Dr. Thein Reading to Young Students

A Message from
Superintendent Thein


August, 2014

Dear Friends:

The moments of our lives slip past us in a quiet, unassuming way. Those moments turn into hours, days, months, years, and finally, a lifetime. Within each of these segments of time are memorable moments that create vivid pictures which leave lasting imprints on our minds and create the memories we will never forget. At this time of the year one of those "magic moments" is close at hand. What special moment in time am I referring to? The first day of school, of course.

Each of us remembers our first day of school. Many families have a tradition of taking "first day of school" pictures and retain them as special mementos. The pictures serve as a kind of "marker" that help parents keep a special piece of a special time in the life of the most special person they know…their child.

I want each family to know that your child is special to us, too. No, we are not the parent or guardian of your child, that is your special responsibility. We are here to work with you to ensure your child has the educational opportunities necessary to accomplish their hopes and dreams.

It seems like only yesterday that the Class of 2015 started kindergarten in September of 2002. It is difficult to believe that when these young scholars posed for their first day of school picture George W. Bush was President of the United States, Saddam Hussein was President of Iraq, Ice Age was in movie theaters, "Friends" was the top show on television, the Minnesota Twins won the American League Central Division, Mark Dayton and Paul Wellstone represented Minnesota in the United States Senate and Roseville Area Schools passed a referendum for additional financial support. Yes, time does slip away.

Thank you to all the families who share the most important person in their lives with Roseville Area Schools, but a special thanks to the families of the Class of 2015. I imagine they can hardly believe their children will be graduating in a few short months. Savor each moment of this final year and enjoy, with your child, this year of memories.

A word of advice for the parents of the Class of 2028 from the parents of the Class of 2015: the moments that make up the school year will pass quickly so take plenty of pictures and enjoy all the "magic moments" before they become memories. District 623 is looking forward to working with our families to create many wonderful memories over the next thirteen years. Together, let’s not waste a single one.



Dr. John Thein