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For immediate assistance with your desktop computer, audio/visual equipment, telephone, or TV/VCR, please call x8476 (RAHS) or your Building DITA / Media Center Staff member.

The subject areas below will link you to specific areas of help.

Video | Audio/Visual | Telephony

If the following Help Sheets do not help with your problem, please try the following:

  • Atomic Learning has many, many demos showing you how to use all kinds of programs. Excellent for MS Word, Excel, and much more. You can use it from home; your Media Center staff can give you the passwords.
  • Contact your Media Center Staff directly.
  • Submit a Tech Request or contact your Building DITA.

General Info | Access Networks/Mobile Devices | Printing/Scanning | Macs | PCs

General Information


Tech Tutorials - Various Topics

Technology for Teachers

Google Apps

E-Mail on the Web

LCD Projector Setup


SmartBoard Information

SPAM Management

Dropbox - Is a place to store and share large files. Create an account using your 623 e-mail address. This has tips for finding help and sharing files of all kinds.

    Change Your Passwords - Logging Into the Mac, E-Mail, and Synergy, etc. With the Same Password

    • To Change Your Mac Password, You Must Log Into OWA and Change Your E-mail Passwor
    • Changing Your E-Mail Password will also Change Your Synergy Password

Copy Center Tips Sheets and Directions for creating PDFs and sending the PDF to the Copy Center
Copy Center Directions (Short-One Page)
Copy Center Directions (Expanded)

How to Edit Your PDF Using Preview on the Mac
See below under Printing/Scanning Basics to learn how to create a PDF.

Web Guidelines - Contribute Users - DOs and DON'Ts (PDF)

VIEWPOINT Training Guide

What's a pop-up blocker and why do I care?

Acess Networks, Mobile Devices, Etc.

Acessing the All District Shared Folder using your Mac

Acessing Your Building Shared Folders using your Mac

  • Please note: These instructions are for Parkview Center School. Users in other buildings should note slight variations in what they can access. Examples: Instead of PV it could say CP, LC, RAMS, RAHS, etc.

Joining RoseAirNet with a Macintosh Laptop (Applies to 10.6)

Accessing the All District Shared Folder using your PC

Accessing Specific Building Mac Shared Folders using your PC (Parkview is the Example)

Troubleshoot AirServer and AirPlay on your computer, iPad, iPhone,iPod, etc.
Set up Apple iOS device (iPod, iPad, or iPhone) with
Your District E-mail Account/Connect Building Wireless Network

Please note: We are unable to offer support for personal devices beyond this set of instructions.

Printing/Scanning Basics

Set Up the Canon Printers on Your Mac

What is a PDF and How Can I Get One on My Mac?

NOTE: PC Users should contact their Building DITA for help in learning how to create PDFs.

Set Up a Printer in WindowsXP, Vista, Windows 7, etc.

Canon ImageRUNNER 3235 How to Send Scanned Images

Canon ImageRUNNER 3235 Entering an E-Mail Address from the Keypad to Send Scanned Images

Canon ImageRUNNER 3235 Using the Address Book to Send Scanned Images

Canon ImageRUNNER 3235 Using the District Server E-Mail Addresses to Send Scanned Images

Macintosh Help

iPad Basics

Acrobat Tips

Mac Basics

Miscellaneous Tips

PC Help

MS Outlook E-Mail

RAHS WIKI - This site is intended to be a semi-comprehensive list of resources available to teachers for Integrating Technology in Roseville Area Schools.

The list was generated by the Technology Integration Strand for teachers at Roseville Area High School and Fairview Alternative High School during the 2008-2009 school year. You might notice specific resources that are aligned only with RAHS curriculum or FAHS curriculum.

Everything you wanted to know (and a few things you didn't) about Computer/Software District 623 Policies, Procedures, Forms, Skills, Resources, Hardware (Media and Technology Services Handbook - Policies and Procedures).

Answers your Questions about how to do a little bit of everything (District Technology Handbook - Software Helps).