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Roseville Area Schools provides staff and students with access to a variety of technology resources in all buildings. For more information and questions about the services (including Lab schedules, training, software, etc.) available, please contact the individual schools or the individual building technology support staff.

The following services are available for all District Employees:


Every classroom is provided with a Macintosh iMac computer. Word processing, e-mail, Internet access, and online student attendance are available on these computers. Additional computers are also available for staff and student use in department spaces, labs, and Media Centers.

To view the schedule for each lab or to reserve a lab at your building, click on the link below. You will enter your e-mail user name and e-mail password to view the lab schedule. Reserve any of the labs from a District Computer: Computer Lab Scheduling.

If you need any specialized software or experience any problems on your classroom computer or a lab computer, please submit a District TechRequest or try the HelpDesk page.

E-mail and Internet Connectivity

All staff are provided with an e-mail account. This account is available from any computer with Internet access. Most computers in the district have Internet access unless they are used for specialized applications.

ISD 623 Media-Technology Information

The ISD 623 Media Technology Department is comprised of dedicated teachers and staff who believe that student achievement is the result of students developing critical thinking skills. These skills, currently dubbed 21st century skills, are the learning foundation on which student competence and achievement is built. These skills are taught collaboratively with classroom teachers in any curricular area. Check out the current Technology Plan for more information.


Each building handles voicemail a little differently depending on their system and needs. Information on the RAHS voicemail system is below. For information about telephones and voicemail in the other buildings please contact your Building DITA / Media Center.

If the information on this page does not help you, please try the following:

Below is information for many services available to RAHS students and staff:

Computer Labs | Classroom Computers, Training, & Software
Media Center | Video Production
Audio/Visual | Telephony

RAHS Computer Lab Schedules

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Click on the links below to view the schedule for each lab. You will need to enter your e-mail user name and e-mail password to view the lab schedule. To reserve any of the labs from a District Computer, click here.

RAHS Computer Lab Sign Out Procedure

There are three 30+ station computer labs available for class sign out. Advance sign out is required for anyone wishing to use these labs. There are computer labs in the Upper B-Wing, Lower B-Wing, and Upper A-Wing, as well as in the Media Center. Software available in these labs include word processing software, an internet browser, and a network application that allows teachers to observe and control student's computer screens.

It is requested that sign out by the same class be limited to not more than 5 consecutive days to enable availability for all classes. Computer Lab supervision is the responsibility of the teacher who has signed it out. Technology Support Staff will not be present in the lab unless special arrangements have been made. It is requested that teachers do NOT send small groups of students to these labs. Small groups may be sent to the Media Center's Production Lab (see below). Any teacher who would like specialized software loaded on the computers or any special configuration please submit a District TechRequest.

RAHS Multimedia Production Lab

A 15 station specialized Multimedia Production lab is also available for staff and students to utilize. The computers in this lab have the capability to scan color graphics, capture color video into the computer, use a color digital camera and other multimedia applications. This lab is designed for group projects and sign up is coordinated through Gregg Martinson. Technology Support Staff always available in this lab to assist students with classroom projects. It is requested that individual students or small groups working on technology projects be sent to the Production Lab and not to other computer lab areas. Sign up sheets are located in the lab and advance sign up is recommended.

RAHS Computers

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  • Apple Computers in Every Classroom (90 classrooms)
  • 3 Computer Labs
  • Online Lab Schedule
  • Internet Access in Every Classroom
  • E-mail for All Staff

RAHS Computer Software Training

Introductory classes to AppleWorks, the Internet, or other software programs are available to be taught to students at teacher request. Introduction to AppleWorks usually takes two class periods. Introduction to the Internet can be taught in one class period. To arrange for any of these classes to be taught to your students please contact Gregg Martinson.

RAHS Software Purchasing

Teachers wishing to preview software titles can obtain a request form from the Production Lab. If a teacher wishes to purchase a software title for classroom use, requests must be approved by their department. All software must be installed by District Technology Support Staff to maintain inventory and licensure records. Funding can obtained from Instructional Technology funds or departmental budgets. Anyone who would like more information about ordering software should contact Gregg Martinson or Pat Davis.

RAHS Media Center

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  • Windows and Macintosh Computers Available in a Supervised Setting for Staff and Student Use.
  • Multimedia Production Lab with Access to Color Scanning, Printing, Desktop Publishing
  • Online CD-ROM Databases and Library Catalog
  • More information ...

RAHS Video Production

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  • In-house Video Bulletin Board System Connected to Television Monitors in Every Classroom
  • Five iMovie Digital Video Production Workstations
  • Video Duplication Services Available

RAHS Production Services

Video Camera checkout is available to all students and staff for school related projects. Students are required to have school ID and written authorization from a teacher when signing out any video equipment. Anyone interested in having an event videotaped for school use or broadcast over the Roseville School Cable television channel should contact Sean Thao. Production scheduling and coverage of all events broadcast on Roseville Area Schools Educational Access Channel are coordinated through and produced by Wayne M. Powers

For more information on any video equipment, or to learn more about how to use these resources in your classroom, contact Sean Thao.

RAHS Video Announcements

Daily video announcements are displayed to all classroom televisions on Channel 68. To submit an announcement please submit a form in the Copy Center (C216), or contact the following individuals according to the type of announcement:

General announcements

Amanda Markham



Kim Dean



David Mieure


Career Center

Mary Tragai



For a complete lineup of the stations available to classroom teachers, please contact the HelpDesk x8476 (RAHS).

Special RAHS productions are played on Channel 68.

Troubleshooting Cable Channels on Monitors and VCRs:

If you are having trouble receiving channels 68 and 70 (the RAHS in-house broadcast channels), please make sure that you have your TV set to VCR/AUX , and use your VCR to tune into the channel. DO NOT attempt to pick up the stations with your TV set to CABLE-- this will give a distorted picture and poor audio.

RAHS Audio/Visual

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  • Audio/Visual Equipment Available for Checkout
  • Parent Information Hotline to Leave Voicemail Messages for Teachers (651-604-1439)
  • Automated Attendance Calling System to Notify Parents of Student Absences

RAHS Audio-Visual Equipment, Supplies, and Training

Audio-Visual equipment is available for teacher and student use. Overhead projectors, slide projectors, and audiocassette recorders are checked out on a full year basis. All other equipment such as CD players and video camcorders are checked out on a weekly basis. Special audio-visual setups such as PA systems for classroom speakers or large screen video projection in the Theater can also be arranged. The Technology Services department is also the resource for all basic audio-visual supplies such as videotapes, audiocassettes, etc.

For more information on any audio/visual equipment, or to learn more about how to use these resources in your classroom, contact Sean Thao.

Equipment Repair

The Technology Services department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all audio-visual equipment. However, some projectors are considered vintage equipment, and WILL NOT be repaired due to the prohibitive cost of repair. Report any malfunctioning equipment to the HelpDesk x8476 (RAHS).

RAHS Audiotape Duplication

Audiocassette duplication services are offered through the Technology Services department. For duplication requests of ten copies or more it is the responsibility of the person requesting the duplication to provide blank audiocassettes or a budget code to cover the cost of the blank audiocassettes. Please request large duplication orders three weeks in advance.

RAHS Videotape Duplication

Single copy videotape duplication is available to all staff at no charge. Any staff member requesting videotape duplication of more than one video is required to provide blank videotapes. Videotapes of school music concerts are also available to students and staff. However, all students will be charged a fee of $5.00 to cover the cost of maintaining the equipment and are required to provide blank videotapes. Videotapes of RAHS sporting events are available only through the District Center Cable Dept. Please allow a two - three week completion period as requests as access to duplicating equipment is sometimes limited. For specific information about any videotape duplication contact Sean Thao.

RAHS Telephony

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RAHS Voicemail

Every staff member is assigned a voice mail box. This four-digit number usually corresponds to the room number that the person has been assigned-- B102 would have an extension of 2102, for example. Staff that "float" between rooms, as well as office staff, are assigned a different mailbox number.

To access your voicemail from outside the building, use the following procedure:

  • Dial 651-604-1439
  • When the voicemail system answers, press "#"
  • Enter your voicemail extension
  • Then enter your password

For more information on changing your password, spoken name, or message, click here for a helpsheet in PDF form.

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