School Bus

Keep Kids Safe at the Bus Stops

Please remind your students that it is unsafe to climb snow banks when waiting for, or leaving a bus. Students should wait for the bus in a safe location like a driveway or sidewalk, and remain back from the road until the bus is completely stopped.

The transportation department adjusts pick-up times in routes that are running consistently late. Elementary school students are given notes to take home when their bus times change. Secondary students should listen to announcements and check updated bus schedules posted in their building.

Our goal is to get all students to school and back home again safely and efficiently. Winter weather can cause delays, and we thank you for your patience at these times. If there is an ongoing problem, please contact the transportation department at 651-635-1638.

Student Transportation

Bus transportation to and from school is provided for all K-6 students residing one-half mile or more from school within their attendance area, and grades 7-12 students residing two mile(s) from school.

Kindergarten and new student transportation information is available at each school at the beginning of the school year. Busing information is mailed to homes before school starts. Be sure to provide your child's school with current day care information as soon as you know it. After school starts there will be a delay in making changes to bus stops as we work to get routes running on time.

Our goal is to ensure students arrive at school safely, promptly, and ready to learn. Parents can assist us by sharing expectations with children about courteous and respectful behavior and by having them at the bus stop 5 minutes before scheduled bus arrival time. Be sure to provide your child's school with current day care information as soon as you know it.

Important Reading - (Bus Safety Rules for Students and Parents)

Home Bus Safety Lesson

Home Bus Safety Lesson for Kindergarten Students

If you have questions or comments, contact Jim Monroe by e-mail at or by phone at 651-635-1638.

Bus Stops and Routes

District Transportation is operated under contract with Comfort Bus CompanyInc. of Little Canada. The District Transportation Department is responsible for setting all stops and routes. The bus company is responsible for operating the buses as defined by the routes supplied by the school district.

School Start and Dismissal Times for
Public and Non-Public Schools

Phone Numbers:

Centerline Charter Corp  

Roseville Office:

Jim Weiss - Roseville Manager


Safety Director


Jim Rossow - Charters

Roseville Area Schools  

Transportation Office

Jan Vanderwall - Coordinator


Jim Monroe - Assistant

Student Discipline and Safety

Discipline and safety issues for students are reported by the driver to the school. School staff respond to these concerns directly with the student. Policy 732P and Regulation 732R-2 outline the guidelines to be followed by students on buses and the process followed in dealing with violators.

Weather Related Issues - School Closings

The District Transportation staff are responsible for monitoring weather forecasts and conditions to ensure that school will be held only during safe transportation conditions.


3 to 5 am

Weather Conditions monitored

4:30 to 5:15 am

Consultation with highway officials and other districts

5:30 am

Deadline for decision

5:30 am

Notify Radio/TV Media and calling list.

Primary media Notified are: (Please check the stations' online listings for most immediate information.)
WCCO Radio 830 | WCCO-TV (CBS) | KMSP TV (Fox 9) | KSTP TV (ABC) | KARE TV (NBC)


Message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents:

It is never easy to make the decision to hold classes when temperatures dip below zero or the weather is inclement.  I assure you that I take my responsibility very seriously and try to keep the wellbeing of all our students and staff in mind when I make such a decision.

While it is my responsibility to decide if Roseville Area Schools will be in session, it is the parent's decision to decide if their child attends school.  No credit is lost if a parent decides to keep their child home because of the extreme cold or inclement weather.  It is an excused absence from school.

Many families do not have child care, family leave or the resources to provide a safe setting for their child if school is cancelled.  In some cases, school has been cancelled and parents still drop their children at school or send them to the bus stop because there is no alternative for them.  It is also not possible to start school later because of the tiered busing system the district employs.  The late elementary schools would not start until 11:35am or later.  In most cases, the majority of metro school districts remain in session because of the above reasons.

I thank you for continuing to support the students and staff of Roseville Area Schools.  If you have any questions or comments concerning this communique', please contact me at 651-628-6452 or at


Dr. John Thein

Policies and Regulations:

724P: School Bus Transportation Policy
724R: School Bus Transportation Regulations
732P: Student Transportation Safety Policy
732R-1: Student Transportation Safety Training Regulations
732R-2: Bus Behavior Regulations

Bus Rules

Transportation Forms:

724R-F2 Form 1000: Parent Request for Transportation Reimbursement Form
724R-F3 Form 1001: Non-Public Application and Certification Form
724R-F Form 1002: Student Transportation & Attendance Roster

Fee-Based Transportation Form (Complete Mail-In Packet (2 Pages) in PDF form

Waiver of Transportation Rider Fee Due to Disability

Transportation Special Care Information Form

Fairview PreK Transportation Request Form

Transportation Adjustment - Medical

Employees Driving Students in Type III or Activity Busses

Frequently Asked Questions