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Safety and Security

Melissa Sonnek
Asst. Superintendent
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In Roseville Area Schools, we know that each student who walks into our schools is somebody's somebody.  It’s our job to keep our schools as safe as possible. That is why we have the District Safety and Security Team, as well as an Emergency Response Team at each building. The purpose of the District Safety and Security Team  is to create safe and secure schools, ensure alignment across our schools and to support site-based school safety.

Beyond protecting our students from tragedies, we also take a broader view of student safety. Roseville Area Schools are places where students are welcomed, encouraged, accepted, and celebrated for their differences and where bullying and harassment have no place. Finally, our schools are places where outstanding teachers and staff seek to make positive and meaningful connections with students as individuals and to work with you, our families, to determine how our schools can best serve your children. With that in mind, we encourage you to speak with your child and encourage them to report to their principal anything that makes them feel unsafe or concerns them.

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