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School Board

Representing Our Communities

The school board of Roseville Area Schools supports educational philosophies and procedures that promote a high-quality education for all students. While the board is legally responsible for school programs and operations, it delegates authority for the district's daily operations to the Superintendent of Schools.

To fulfill its charge, the board is committed to continuously improving its capacity to govern effectively, using its policies to define its values and expectations. This policy-governance model of operation focuses on policy decisions rather than on operational issues. The board’s purpose is to assure that the organization achieves the results described in its strategic plan and operates within the parameters described in district policies.

The board focuses on student outcomes, encourages diverse viewpoints, focuses on strategic leadership, makes collective rather than individual decisions, is future-oriented, and governs proactively.

Back: Kitty Gogins, Mike Boguszewski, Rose Chu
Front: Todd Anderson, Curtis Johnson, Mannix Clark

The school board of Roseville Area Schools has six members elected at large to serve four-year terms. Three school board members are elected in November of each odd-numbered year. The board holds its annual organizational meeting in January and elects the chair, clerk, and treasurer for the upcoming year.

Todd Anderson
Term: 1/2024 – 1/2028

Mike Boguszewski
Term: 1/2024 – 1/2028

Dr. Rose Chu
Term: 1/2024 – 1/2028

Mannix Clark
Term: 1/2022 – 1/2026

Kitty Gogins
Term: 1/2022 – 1/2026

Curtis Johnson
Term: 1/2022 – 1/2026