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District Policies

Mechelle Tessem
Executive Assistant

Request for Alternative Formats

Various documents are available in alternate formats upon request. Please contact Mechelle Tessem at 651-628-6452 or 651-635-1648 (TDD) to make a request prior to the meeting or for any other questions.

Policies are the formal guidelines established by the school board to ensure Roseville Area Schools operates in an effective and efficient manner in order to achieve its mission of "Quality Teaching and Learning for All." Policies define the desire and intent of the school board while delegating policy implementation to the superintendent of schools and the administrative staff.

If you have questions concerning these policies or any other district policy, you may contact the building principal, or the Office of the Superintendent at 651-628-6452.

Policies are saved as PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader software is needed to view them.

School District Organization


School Board Governing Policies






Educational Program


Non-Instructional Operations


Community Relations