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School Board Communications

Mechelle Tessem
Executive Assistant

Providing Input and Information

Public participation is valued in Roseville Area Schools. We welcome your input and encourage you to share information and concerns with us. You can communicate with school board members by contacting individual board members, sending an email that reaches all members, or speaking at a school board community input session.

Contacting School Board Members

Whether sharing a success story or concerns, you may contact a school board member or the superintendent. Or, if you'd rather share something with the entire board, simply send an email to Every board member will get your message.

Speaking at Community Input Sessions

Since the schools belong to the district's residents, their involvement in major decisions affecting the district is anticipated and viewed as a valuable form of input to the board. Community members who wish to address the board may do so even if their topic is not on the agenda. The board allots time to hear from district residents during community input sessions held 30 minutes prior to every regular school board meeting. Most board meetings are held at the District Center.

Public comments must be made in person during the Community Input Session. Community members who wish to address the board must fill out an online sign-up form (in the left column) or contact the superintendent's office by email, phone, or in person by 3:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting.

Guidelines for Community Input

The following guidelines are for individuals seeking to speak during the community input session.

  1. Sign up using the online form that is provided (in the left column) or by contacting the superintendent's office by email, phone, or in person by 3:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting. Please provide your name, email address, home address, affiliation with the school district, and a brief summary of the intended statement or question(s) you would like answered. Those whose names and addresses are on the sign-up sheet by 3:00 p.m. will have an opportunity to speak.

  2. The school board is interested in your comments and will listen carefully, but it will not respond or debate issues during this time. If you would like the school board or the administration to respond, please be sure to include your question(s) on the online form. You will receive a response within two weeks of the meeting. Copies will also be sent to the entire school board.

  3. Speakers are given up to three minutes (or ten minutes per delegation) to address the board, unless the board chair grants an exception. If the number of speakers exceeds the allotted time, the board chair my shorten each speaker's time to two minutes (or seven minutes per delegation). If there are still too many participants, the board may limit the number of speakers to three per topic with priority placed in the following order: 1) current student, 2) parent/guardian of a current student, 3) staff member, 4) district resident, 5) other constituents.

  4. Personal attacks on students, staff members, or board members will not be allowed. Due to data privacy laws, referring to an individual by name will be ruled out of order. The use of vulgar or profane language will also be ruled out of order. Speakers unwilling to abide by the rules or time constraints will be asked to stop.

  5. The community input session will end five minutes prior to the start of the regular school board meeting. When the board chair calls the regular meeting to order, audience comments are no longer permitted and will be ruled out of order.