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Strategic Plan

Roseville Area Schools strives to develop potential in each student. We are committed to "Quality Teaching and Learning for All...Equity in All We Do." We expect every student to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally and will focus on each student’s potential for excellence. In order to achieve our commitment to prepare all students, we must intentionally focus on student populations experiencing the biggest disparities in opportunity. We do this to prevent inequitable outcomes and racial predictability. In an effort to inspire all students to attain the highest levels of achievement, we will implement evidence-based educational practices and collaborate with families and communities to fully engage students in learning.

The District's Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan guides the district’s continuous improvement efforts and is updated or revised as needed. The plan spells out the district’s plans for the future and is guided by state legislation known as the World's Best Workforce. The Strategic Plan provides four guideposts for action:

  • Equity VisionOur commitment to ensuring an equitable and respectful educational experience for every student, family, and staff member
  • Commitment: What we intend to create
  • Core Values: What drives our words and actions
  • Focus Areas: Our focused allocation of resources

Focus Areas

Successfully addressing the following focus areas will help us achieve our mission of Quality Teaching and Learning for All . . Equity in All We Do.

  • Improve learning for students of color, American Indian students, English learners, students receiving special education services, and pre-kindergarten learners
  • Improve communication and genuine engagement with families and communities, especially with our underrepresented communities
  • Strengthen support for the social and emotional development of students
  • Expand support for college and career readiness
  • Secure and manage resources to provide a quality education and improve facilities

Strategies and Action Steps

Strategies have been developed for each focus area along with action steps that guide our work. These multiple strategies and action steps provide direction to district staff on work that will be done to accomplish the strategies outlined. 

Assessing Progress

To measure our progress on the strategies, we gather useful and applicable information that helps determine whether the district is connecting its actions to desired outcomes. These measures are formally assessed, and district administrators develop a series of detailed, quantitative, and qualitative reports that demonstrate implementation of the Strategic Plan. The administration presents the reports to the school board throughout the school year.