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RAHS-Roseville Area High School  AVID Application for 2020-2021  RAHS AVID Information Slide Show

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Collaboration & Building Community 

Virtual College Trips 

& Community Service

Celebrations & Virtual Events 

Using WICOR Strategies Digitally

Build Classroom Community to Support Your Students’ Social and Emotional Needs


Embrace Differences & Establish Community


Connect Positively With Families


Choose the Right Digital Collaboration Tool for Your Lesson


Plug Into a Professional Learning Network

AVID + Tallo


Tallo Virtual College Fairs


Virtual College Tours


Campus Tours


25 ideas for Virtual Community Service


Recognizing Accomplishments in Distance Learning


AVIDcon 2020 - Community Gathering


Family Workshops

Digital Tools and Templates 


4 A’s and Digital Tool Tip Sheet


Core Strategies Webpages (see Digital Tools on specific strategies)


Blended Learning: Station Rotation


Integrate Digital Focused Note-Taking Strategies & Tools


Shift to Online Discussions

AVID Disrupting Deficit Narratives Webinar     Presenter: Jonathan Grant Brown

Here is the link to the recording: http://bit.ly/AVID-Disrupting-Deficit-Narratives

For More Information

Families and students interested in AVID should contact the AVID site coordinator.

  • Anne Barnes, AVID Co-District Director, AVID Site Coordinator Roseville Area High School
  • Tana Bogenholm, AVID Co-District Director,AVID Site Coordinator and Instructional Coach Roseville Area Middle School
  • Laura Freer, AVID Site Coordinator,  Principal Fairview Alternative High School