Academic Eligibility

Earned Credits Measure Satisfactory Progress

Please review the Minnesota High School League's Eligibility Information Brochure, which provides detailed information on eligibility requirements.

To be academically eligible to participate in Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) -sponsored activities, students must make satisfactory progress toward graduation, which is based on attempted and earned credits. Students must accumulate enough credits at the beginning of each tri-semester to keep on schedule to graduate with their class. A total of 55 credits is needed for graduation.

Students who fall behind the necessary credits are ineligible to participate in MSHSL-sponsored athletics or activities until they have earned enough credits to be back on track to graduate with their class.

The chart below shows the grade-level and credit requirements needed at the beginning of each tri-semester.

Credits required for eligibility at the beginning of the stated trimester


Number of
attempted credits
Credits required for
 Freshman        Tri 1 0 0
Tri 2    5 3
Tri 3    10 8




 Sophomore     Tri 1 15 13
Tri 2    20 17
Tri 3    25 22




 Junior              Tri 1 30 27
Tri 2     35 31
Tri 3     40 36




 Senior             Tri 1 45 41
Tri 2      50 45
Tri 3      55 50