Fees & Refunds


  • High School: $200 per sport
  • 7th-8th Grades: $110 per sport
  • Family Maximum: $600 per family per school year

If a 7th- or 8th-grade student is on a 7-12 team such as cross-country, running, swimming, nordic ski racing, or gymnastics, the $200 fee applies.

Waived or Reduced Fees

  • Families qualifying for the Free Lunch program: fees are waived
  • Families qualifying for Reduced Lunch: $50 per sport


Refund Policy

If a student moves out of the district or is cut from the team, 100% of the fee will be refundable.
A refund request made for these reasons must take place prior to the 3rd official contest of the season .

For all other refund requests:

  • 100 % refunded before 1st official contest
  • 50% refunded before 3rd official contest
  • No refunds after the 3rd official contest

Due to the Data privacy Act, parents must inform the Athletic Office if they qualify. Students or families with other financial difficulties should contact the School Activities Director to discuss reduced or waived fees.