Gift and Craft Shoppe

Roseville Gift & Craft Shoppe

Stop and shop for a variety of quality, hand-crafted and locally-made gift items.  Volunteer consignors staff the shop.

The shop is open Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m - 3:30 p.m For more information call 651-604-3529. Click here to view the Roseville Gift and Craft Shoppe brochure.

Lynn’s Gift and Craft Shop Story

Lynn met Marge, one of the volunteer leaders for the Roseville Craft and Gift and Craft Shoppe, in an adult enrichment computer class at the Fairview Community Center. They had been acquainted in their high school days and quickly reconnected. The conversation turned to where they are now, and Marge mentioned this little gem of a local arts and crafts gift shop. Now, Lynn sells her hand-crafted greeting cards, necklace and earring’s, and fleece shawls at the Roseville Crate and Gift Shoppe. She also volunteers at the shop on a regular basis.

“I experience wonderful relationships with the customers and other volunteer consignees.  This shop is a great opportunity to use my creative skills and that’s another reason why I love this place.”