Senior Services

See how RASP's Meals on Wheels allows older and disabled adults to stay healthy and independent in their own homes

Serving Our Older Adult Community

Meals on Wheels

This service is an integral part of RASP's mission and commitment to serving disabled and older adults in our community. It is more than just a meal; Meals on Wheels is a critical wellness visit by volunteers, a nutritious hot or frozen meal for homebound older and disabled adults, and a means of connecting older adults to other community services through the initial and annual home assessment done by the RASP Service Coordinator.

Advance registration is required to start this service. There is a fee and you may qualify for a sliding fee amount based on your annual income. To enroll in Meals on Wheels, call 651-318-9091. Current clients can call 651-604-3524.

Interested in seeing what meals are offered? Browse the September 2017 Meals on Wheels menu. You can also view the October 2017 Meals of Wheels menu if you are planning ahead.

Mary's Meals on Wheels Story

A Meal and So Much More

For more than 50 years, Helen has lived in the Roseville home she built with her husband and raised her children in. She’s gone from being active Meals on Wheels volunteer to receiving daily meals. Her son, Tom, says that without Meals on Wheels, he worries his mom would live off of donuts and chocolate. With Meals on Wheels, Tom can rest easy knowing that his mom is guaranteed one square meal a day. Since Helen is often the last stop on the delivery route, volunteers regularly stay and visit awhile. The social time is often the highlight of Helen’s day, and she makes sure each volunteer feels welcomed by giving them each a handful of kisses—the chocolate kind.

“It helps in that it gets company here more so than the meal itself. I enjoy company.” — Helen


We can help you get around our community. The bus provides door-to-door transportation service for many needs: medical, banking, shopping, volunteering, recreation, etc. The route varies daily depending on the number of riders and their destination. We also have volunteer drivers who use their own vehicles to provide rides to medical and dental appointments. Advance registration is required to start this service. There is a fee and you may qualify for a sliding fee amount based on your annual income. For more information call 651-604-3535.

Click here to see the RASP Transportation Brochure.

Mary’s Transportation Story

Volunteering Made Easy With the RASP Bus

Mary likes to help others but no longer is able to drive her car. She volunteers at Brimhall Elementary School from September to May on a weekly basis. She enjoys helping the students with their reading and social skills. Mary’s quality of life has been enhanced and the students benefit. This is possible because of the Roseville Area Senior Program’s bus transportation service.

Civil Rights Title VI Complaint Resolution Procedure
Civil Rights Title VI Complaint Form

Service Coordination

We connect older adults with local and metro community services and resources. Phone consultations, in-home assessments, and development of service plans are available. Trained volunteers provide a variety of services, including: errand running, shopping assistance, minor home repairs, and friendly home visits. There is a fee for this service and you may qualify for a sliding fee based on your income. For more information call 651-604-3528.

Betty’s Service Coordination Story

It Takes One Friend to Make a World of Difference

Betty, a Roseville resident, was no longer able to drive and missed the social connections she once enjoyed. John was a first-year Century College nursing student who wanted to volunteer in the community. RASP’s Friendly Visitors volunteer program matched Betty and John in a mentoring/social partnership. RASP’s Friendly Visitors successfully links community members seeking to make a difference with seniors desiring social interaction and community support. All of this was possible through RASP’s Service Coordination.

Roseville Gift & Craft Shoppe

Stop and shop for a variety of quality, hand-crafted and locally-made gift items.  Volunteer consignors staff the shop.

The shop is open Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m - 3:30 p.m For more information call 651-604-3529. Click here to view the Roseville Gift and Craft Shoppe brochure.

Lynn’s Gift and Craft Shop Story

Lynn met Marge, one of the volunteer leaders for the Roseville Craft and Gift and Craft Shoppe, in an adult enrichment computer class at the Fairview Community Center. They had been acquainted in their high school days and quickly reconnected. The conversation turned to where they are now, and Marge mentioned this little gem of a local arts and crafts gift shop. Now, Lynn sells her hand-crafted greeting cards, necklace and earring’s, and fleece shawls at the Roseville Crate and Gift Shoppe. She also volunteers at the shop on a regular basis.

“I experience wonderful relationships with the customers and other volunteer consignees.  This shop is a great opportunity to use my creative skills and that’s another reason why I love this place.”

Flaming Spoon Café

The Flaming Spoon Cafe, located at the Fairview Community Center, serves lunch daily, Monday - Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. All are welcome. Cash and checks are accepted. Groups of six or more need to make reservations by calling 651-604-3518.

Browse our current Flaming Spoon Cafe Menu.

Full Meal Deal for $4.35
A full meal includes main entrée, sides, milk, coffee, or juice (substitutions are available).

Ala Carte from $0.50 to $3.75
Choose from sandwiches, salads, rolls, cookies, fruit, chips, etc.