Child Care/Friendship Connection

Information about Friendship Connection and childcare services during the transition to in-person learning.  

When your child(ren) returns to in-person school, you are able to register them for before-school and after-school care.  Please note - we will accept Friendship Connection schedules as space allows. We may utilize a waitlist as we hire more staff.  Families will be notified of registration approval via email.

  • Register for before/after school and NSD Friendship Connection here: link to register

COVID-19 changes and safety procedures

Friendship Connection will place students in "pods" to limit exposure. This is in accordance with the MN Department of Health childcare guidance and the 2020-21 School Year Planning Guidance. Staff and youth will wear masks, follow social distancing guidelines, and sanitize surfaces and materials regularly. 

All childcare providers have been asked to create and share a COVID-19 preparedness plan. The Friendship Connection plan can be found here. This is a live document and will be updated as new guidance and information about COVID-19 is available. 

We have created a frequently asked questions document to try and answer questions you may have. If you have additional questions, please contact Jacob Mack at or 651-604-3505.

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