Reminder: No School Friday, Dec. 3 (except Harambee Elem., which is in session)
Reminder: No School Friday, Dec. 3 (except Harambee Elem., which is in session)

Reminder that there is no school Friday, Dec. 3, for students in Roseville Area Schools (except for Harambee, which is in session). Have a great weekend!

Health and Safety Information

How Roseville Area Schools are Promoting Health and Safety During COVID-19 

Below are mitigation strategies that we are implementing in Roseville Area Schools for student and staff safety for the start of the 2021 - 2022 school year. For additional information, see frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and the new school year.

  • Along with public health experts, we strongly encourage vaccinations for all people 12 years and older, and for younger students as soon as recommended by the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health.
  • Staff and students will use a Daily Screening at Home tool to identify COVID-19 symptoms so that everyone with COVID symptoms stays out of school, and they are encouraged to get tested.
  • Directional use of hallways, whenever possible.
  • Three feet or greater spacing between people, to the extent possible.
  • Office space and small group plexiglass shields can remain in place.
  • Social distancing markers may be in some hallways, or posters to remind everyone to keep a little distance from each other.
  • Spacing of students in hallways, lunch lines, recess lines and drinking fountains to avoid crowded lines.
  • Entry and exit doors may be separated in some schools for better flow of people traffic.
  • Breakfast and lunch may have various adjustments in each school, depending on the physical structure and schedules, in an effort to reduce crowding.
  • Visitors for lunch will not be allowed at this time, so we can maintain as much space as possible between students in the cafeteria.
  • Avoid mixing classes indoors.
  • Classes can mix outside, and outdoor recess will be a time for friends to get together with friends from other classes.
  • No whole-school assemblies indoors at this time, and there could be group assemblies outdoors.
  • Move some activities and lessons outdoors, when possible.
  • Continue hand hygiene routines.
  • Continue cleaning high-touch surfaces, daily or as needed.
  • Students exhibiting symptoms will be sent to the health office, and will be checked by the nurse or health assistant, and may need to go home.
  • Contact tracing, quarantine and isolation, and working with MDH to report positive cases will continue. Masked students and anyone fully vaccinated do not need to quarantine when exposed to a positive case at school. 
  • Promote increased ventilation, when possible, including open windows in spaces that allow it. District buildings and grounds staff, along with our heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) consultants, have been working at our buildings this summer to ensure that our classrooms will have maximum fresh air inflow. Various repairs have been made to our facilities. In addition, the remodeled and newly constructed areas have been updated to provide improved indoor air quality.  
  • Planning for voluntary school COVID-19 testing – We are looking into the MDH testing proposal for students and staff. This will be completely voluntary, and parent permission would be required for students to use the COVID-19 test kits. We will share additional information about testing as soon as it is available.
  • Vaccination clinics and community COVID-19 testing clinics are widely available and we strongly endorse the use of these public health resources. COVID-19 testing kits can be ordered from MDH and sent to your home. Communication about access will be sent to our school community regularly. 

Check symptoms before coming to school

All students that come to school must be healthy and have no symptoms that may be related to COVID-19. We need the help of families to make sure their students are well enough to attend school, so that school is a safe environment for all students and staff. 

Download this simple tool to help you determine each day if your student or any family member should stay home from school:
Daily Screening at Home for COVID-19 Symptoms.

Thank you for helping keep Roseville Area Schools safe for all!

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