Pay Online

Announcing SmartSchool K-12!   

Our new pay online program for Athletics, Activities, Clubs, Testing, iPad Insurance and other fines and fees is now SmartSchool K12, by Affinety Solutions.  This replaces our former FEE PAY system.  Please click on the links below for the correct online payment/registration.   You will be given on-screen instruction on how to set up an account and connect your students to your account, you will need their Roseville Schools Student ID and Date of Birth.  The recommended browser is Firefox, which corrects a problem with check-out and having to re-enter your credit card information.  Roseville Schools is not currently using the access key function, so when prompted click the box "I do not have an access key". 

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to set up a parent account and link your students.  You will use these instructions after you click one of the SmartSchoolK-12 links below.  Please make sure to select "Connect" your students to your account.

If you have questions or experience any problems with SmartSchool K12, please use the online help or contact the following staff members:

RAHS:      Natalie Crosby, Administrative Assistant, 651-635-1670 or Julie Cannon, School Finance, 651-635-1671 

RAMS:      Sue Garland, Athletic/Activities Secretary, 651-482-5290

Parkview:  Beth Willinger, Athletic/Activities Secretary, 651-487-4360

Here are the ways you can pay online for district services and activities: