6th Grade Reading and Math



6th Grade Reading Goals

By the end of 6th grade, students will read literature, poetry, and nonfiction extensively. They will summarize and explain text in detail and make observations based on evidence from multiple texts. Students will explore theme and tone more deeply and compare different forms and genres of texts. They will analyze the validity of informational text by exploring the ways authors develop their messages and consider sources. Sixth grade students will also write narratives, informative texts, and persuasive pieces using a writing process and technology. They will learn to adapt writing for specific audiences. 

6th Grade Reading Resources

International Children's Digital Library
Complete online library with books from around the world, available in English and other languages

Smithsonian Tween Tribune
Articles on all sorts of interesting topics (nonfiction)

Online access to the Library of Congress, including ebooks, articles, and great information for families




6th Grade Math Goals

By the end of 6th grade, students will solve all whole number, fraction, and decimal problems related to mathematical operations. Students will learn how to factor numbers and determine equal fractions, decimals, and percentages to solve problems such as creating ratios. Sixth graders will develop their algebra skills using math properties to solve problems that include equations and inequalities. They will use formulas to solve area and perimeter problems for all types of shapes, describe angles, and convert units of measurement. In 6th grade, the study of probability becomes more in-depth, determining sample spaces and calculating simple probability involving fractions, decimals, and percentages. 

6th Grade Math Resources

Funbrain Math Zone
Fun, online games that help students practice math skills

Khan Academy Math by Grade
Video lessons and practice for core math concepts at each grade

Multiplication and Division Fact Family Triangle Flashcards
Fact triangle flashcards group together a family of related arithmetic facts and can be used to practice fact fluency

Deck of Cards Math Games (3-6)
Fun math games to play with a deck of cards and two players

Fact fluency practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division