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American Indian Education Program

Gabriella Carroll
American Indian Education Coordinator
P: 651-604-3739
C: 651-359-0572

Savannah Rojas
American Indian Cultural Liaison
C: 651-332-6513

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Roseville American Indian Education is a district-wide program with a goal of promoting cultural awareness, academic advocacy, and community connection for our American Indian students and families. American Indian Education program staff meet with students during the school day biweekly to provide American Indian students with a 30-minute cultural learning experience, or an academic check-in. Students also have access to any or all the following activities: field trips, college visits, academic support, cultural activities, and family engagement events.

Who is eligible to participate in Roseville Indian Education?

The Roseville American Indian Education program serves all Native American students regardless of tribal affiliation or blood quantum.  Students who are enrolled in a tribe or have a parent/grandparent with an enrollment number are encouraged to fill out a Title VII/506 forms to help sustain funding for the Roseville American Indian Education program.

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American Indian Parent Advisory Committee

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