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If you child is going to be absent from school, please call your school's attendance phone line to report the absence.

Mandatory in Minnesota, regular school attendance is linked to school success and academic achievement (see MN Statute 127.34 and MN Statute 127.32 - Compulsory Attendance Law). Following the law and educational best practices, we work with parents and guardians, as needed, to help their children have consistent – and on-time – attendance.

Roseville Area Schools works with the Ramsey County Attorney's Office to improve a student's school attendance and help the child be successful in school. Initially, school officials work directly with a family by either calling or writing a letter to the parent/guardian regarding the attendance problem. Various school-based interventions may also be tried. If improvements are not reached, a referral is made, and a meeting is held with the parents, selected staff, and the county attorney.

The Ramsey County Attorney's Office has a program to assist schools and families with attendance issues. The School Attendance Matters (SAM) program is a collaborative effort between schools, law enforcement, community agencies, and child protection. The goal of the program is to understand the reasons students are missing school and to work with students and their families to remove those barriers so students are present at school.