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Grading for Equity

Jake Von De Linde
Director of Student Achievement

Chris Hester
7-12 Educational Equity Advancement Secondary Principal

Too often when we ask our children how they did on an assignment or test they will tell us how many points they received or what letter grade they earned. However, students rarely share what they learned or still need to learn. In Roseville Area Schools, we are working to change from traditional grading practices focused on points to grading practices focused on learning. Our goal is to change our conversations with students and families from how many points students earned on an assignment or test to what the students learned and still need to work on.

 Why are we making this change? Following is information about the research that led to this important change and what it means for our students. We also included an overview of what exactly has changed vs. what hasn't in our grading system. Finally, we have provided a number of resources for families who want additional information. 

Information & Resources