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Reading Well by 3rd Grade

For additional questions about Roseville Area Schools’ work in this area, please contact:

Dr. Mary Bussman
Elementary Program Administrator

Early reading proficiency is one of many developmental milestones in a child’s educational experience. Minnesota has identified the end of 3rd grade as an expectation for proficient beginning reading for all students. Providing quality curriculum, instruction, assessments, and interventions is the foundation for developing comprehensive systems of support for all learners.

Reading Well by 3rd Grade is a statewide initiative administered by the Minnesota Department of Education. MN Statute 120B.12 requires school districts to adopt a local literacy plan to have every child reading proficiently by the end of 3rd grade. A local literacy plan must include processes to assess students’ level of reading proficiency and progress, notify and involve parents, intervene with students who are not reading at or above grade level, and provide staff with appropriate professional development.

Roseville Area Schools is known for its exceptional literacy instruction, and our teachers work with students and families to provide “just right” teaching for every student. Our local literacy plan addresses state requirements and provides a general overview of our district practices related to Reading Well by 3rd Grade. Click to view the Roseville Area Schools Local Literacy Plan.