Keeping Math Skills Sharp Over Summer

For the second year in a row, the online math program called TenMarks will be available at no cost for students in Grade 1 through high school. Last year, Roseville Area Schools had the highest enrollment of any school district in the state of MN in this program (more than 1,000 student in total), and our students not only reduced, but nearly eliminated the summer slide that is experienced across the summer in mathematics performance. TenMarks cites an 11% gain in achievement for students who actively participated in the summer program last year. This program would be in addition to, not in replacement of, any of the various summer programs that your child might already be involved with.  


ONE hour a week is all it takes for your child to strengthen his/her math skills, and prepare for the year ahead. The TenMarks Summer Math Program will guide your child through their personalized program, one topic at a time, helping them refresh what they know, and learn what they don’t. Each assignment contains embedded instruction (hints, video lessons, and interventions) to help your child refresh concepts from the past year and prepare for the ones ahead.


  1. Visit and sign up.  

  2. From that point on, TenMarks will be supporting you with any questions you might have.  

    1. Before summer break, parents who pre-registered will receive an email with details on how to get started

    2. At the start of the program, students will receive a short diagnostic assessment based on the grade s/he is entering this fall.

    3. The assessment will be automatically graded and TenMarks will create a personalized program, designed for your student to prepare for the upcoming year


  1. Visit the URL to register.

  2. Thirsty for more information?  Click here for various resources, including Spanish versions of the program information.

  3. Looking for ways to get online?  Consider visiting any of computer labs within the Ramsey County (click here for details) or Saint Paul Public Libraries (click here for details).