Artist in Residence, Peyton Scott Russell, visits Brimhall January 9th - 13th

During the week of January 9-13 accomplished artist and instructor Peyton Scott Russell will be joining us at Brimhall for an Art Residency, sponsored by Brimhall's PTA.  As an accomplished graffiti artist of 30 years and experienced instructor of 25 years, Mr. Russell has worked with not-for-profits, public schools and after-school workshops.  He has dedicated a significant portion of his career to increasing the awareness of graffiti through educational format.

Mr. Russell will conduct a five-day residency with grades Kindergarten through 6th grade, using methods from the SPRAYFINGER program and "My Graffiti: The Art of Creative Lettering." He will work with students in Kindergarten - 4th grade doing creative lettering and collage.  Students in 5th and 6th grade will work with him to create an in depth work of art that combines collage and spray painting techniques.  Mr. Moore, our Art Teacher, will be enhancing the art projects and will be working to extend the art experience for our students.

Thank you to Brimhall's PTA for making this exciting opportunity possible!