Facilities Options Public Meeting

Facilities Options Committee

The district’s Options Committee met in February and March to determine how to address the facilities needs identified by the three Criteria Committees last fall. The identified needs are:

  • Safety and security should continue to be a high priority.
  • All buildings need upgrades to ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Enrollment projections will require additional space at the high school level.
  • Grade structure of schools should remain as it exists today.
  • Labs and specialty spaces (such as shops and tech areas) need to be renovated.
  • All schools require spaces aligned with 21st century learning.
  • A shortage of activity spaces like gyms, fields, and auditoriums needs to be addressed.
  • We must maintain spaces that support Roseville Community Education and the broader community.

The Options Committee, in turn, is responsible for only showing how facilities will need to change but also prioritize any changes and outline short-term and long-term approaches for implementation. As part of its work, the Options Committee is developing diagrams for each building to show proposed changes. For example, at Roseville Area High School, Criteria Committee work identified the need to address classroom overcrowding, building capacity, safety and security, and career trades spaces. The Options Committee will show where potential renovations and additions will need to occur to address these needs. For more information about the Options Committee, click here.  The public presentation of the Options Committee report on March 15 can be seen on the district cable channel 18 at noon or 7:00 p.m. or online.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact the Facilities Planning Team at 651-635-1615 or facilitiesplanning@isd623.org.