PCS Students Place at 5th Grade Math Masters

5th Grade Math Masters
Parkview took second place in team problem solving at the 5th Grade Math Masters of Minnesota Regional Challenge at Capitol Hill Magnet School in St. Paul on Friday, April 21. One hundred sixty two students on 33 teams competed in the tournament.
The Math Masters program challenges students to use critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities in mathematics. There are three components to the competition: Fact Drill, Individual Problem Solving, and Team Problem Solving.
Following are Parkview's results:
Team Problem Solving:

2nd Place: Bridget, Soren, Ford, Brayden, Anna

Individual Problem Solving:

1st: Bridget
3rd: Ford
7th: Brayden
11th: Anna

Fact Drill:

1st: Bridget
3rd: Anna
15th: Brayden
17th: Naveena