CP Important Back-to-School Information

Welcome Back! Please note the upcoming important dates:

Thursday, August 24, 2017           4:00-6:00 PM                      Kindergarten Orientation

Wednesday, August 30, 2017        4:00-6:00 PM                      Meet Your Teacher Night, Grades 1-6

Bring in your school supplies (supply list available on the CP site) and don’t forget your calendar in order to sign-up for fall conferences! Please take time to fill out the Educational Benefits form regardless of your income. This is integral to Central Park receiving additional educational resources, including FREE breakfast and lunch for every student.

Tuesday, September 5                  8:55 AM-3:20 PM             First Day of School: Grades 1-6 ONLY

Doors open at 8:45 AM. Please do not drop your students before 8:45 AM. Buses often run late the first week of school as drivers are getting familiar with the routes. If you have questions about your transportation, please call Jim Monroe at 651.635.1638 or Centerline Bus Company at 651.488.5788.

Tuesday, September 5                  6:15-7:00 PM                      PreK Orientation

Wednesday, September 6             8:55 AM-3:20 PM              First Day of School: Kindergarten

Monday, September 11                 8:55 AM-3:20 PM              First Day of School: PreK

Watch for more information on the Title I Information Plan meeting and our Third Annual Family Picnic.

Looking forward to seeing you all!