Students of the Trimester for Trimester One

Congratulations to the 2017-18 Students of the Trimester for Trimester One

ART  –

Paul Moeller wrote:

The Art Department would like to recognize Francisco Galvan Lopez as student of the trimester. Francisco came from Osseo High School about three weeks into the trimester and has never missed a beat. Clay is a medium that most students find to have a steep learning curve but Francisco’s persistence in his approach to the material pushed him out in front of his peers.  He continues to ask higher level questions to better understand the how and why within the content and projects we are working on. As a 9th grader he is extremely mature and very personable in his interactions.  He has been a tremendous help in the pottery room and shares his love of clay with his classmates whenever they need help and sometimes even if they don’t ask. His eagerness to learn, share his experiences, and work with clay is contagious with his classmates. I feel fortunate to have been able to recognize Francisco this trimester for his hard work and I hope to see him again, in the next level, for more exploration of what is possible with clay.  


Carly Miller wrote:

Pranav Karmacharya is the AVID programs student of the trimester. As a 10th grader, Pranav has challenged himself academically both freshman and sophomore year by taking Pre-AP and AP courses. He is determined to do his best academically and sets high goals for himself in the classroom. Not only is Pranav a strong scholar, he is also a leader in our program. He takes the collaboration and community aspect of AVID seriously and exemplifies what it means to be a part of an "AVID family." He is known in his class as being a strong leader through his communication skills, coordination of study groups, and advocacy skills for himself and his classmates. Pranav is empathetic and always thinking of ways to support his "AVID family." He exhibits so many intangible assets to our program and we are proud to have him represent AVID's student of the trimester. 


Bruce Holmseth wrote:

The student of the trimester in business is Colten Mishek.  Colten was in the Marketing and Management class.  Colten is very positive and really contributes each day in class.  He worked very hard on various projects especially the business simulation.  Many times throughout the trimester, Colten finished his work and then went and helped others.  Great job. 


Hannah Graham wrote:

Marissa Basurto is our student of the trimester.  Marissa is a sophomore. She has been working hard in all of her classes this year and has improved her grades greatly since last year. She is engaged, leading and helping others in class. She is interested in writing, joining the badminton club. She also enjoys spending time with her family. Marissa right now is interested in studying cosmetology or writing in college. She has a bright future. Congrats Marissa!

EL –

Laura Sakirgil wrote:

Alefia Sado is a student who consistently excels in her classes. Alefia hasn't been in American school for long at all, but she always works hard and does her absolute best in her classes. Her positivity and friendly personality make her a wonderful person to have around! 


Erik Lane wrote:

Like other exemplary theater students, Kaia Fitzgerald exhibits a deep-seated creativity and attention to her craft.  Unlike other students, Kaia has served as a profound leader in Drama Workshop this trimester.  She has welcomed and encouraged hesitant students, led group-building exercises, and been an across-the-board force for good in the classroom.  The resoundingly positive atmosphere of the class has been in no small part due to Kaia’s influence.


Carly Farinacci wrote:

FACS Department has chosen Tazhanae Gant for student of the trimester.  Tazhanae has taken just about every FACS class offered at RAHS.  She has been a teacher assistant multiple times as well, and has done a phenominal job.  Tazhanae always has a smile on her face, has a generous soul, and is responsible when it comes to her school work.  Her care for others is evident in her actions and words.  As her teachers, we know that she's going to do great things, and go many places.  Tazhanae's determination, motivation, caring heart, helpfulness, confidence, and compassion will aide her in doing so.  Next year, Tazhanae wants to major in fashion design, event planning, or maybe even becoming a FACS teacher someday!  Us FACS teachers are excited for her future and wish her the very best.


Trevor Boehne wrote:

Over his high school career, Sean Mark has developed a few skills and characteristics that are very hard to teach - responsibility, independence, and self-advocacy. Sean is consistently engaged in class and during group work, despite potential senior distractions. He has been able to learn on his own when needed, and is always able to ask questions and get help when needed. These skills are extremely valuable and important to success in a math classroom, and Sean has used them in AP Calculus to have a great start to the year!


Matt Dehnel wrote:

Liam Keffer has exemplified hard work and commitment during his time in RAHS bands.  He has always been one of the most focused rehearsal musicians in the program.  Liam has also always been one of the stronger players in his grade, but over the summer and throughout first trimester, he elevated himself to an even higher level.  He is contributing daily to RAHS Jazz I and Symphonic Band in a powerful and nearly flawless manner.  Liam's work ethic should be a model to all students. 


Shannon Fjeld wrote:

It is my pleasure to acknowledge Cameron Rease as the health student of the trimester. Cameron is recognized as a positive role model, he exhibits excellent leadership skills, and he is respectful and kind.  Cameron's high level of motivation is one of the many attributes that have contributed to achieving his academic and personal goals. Cameron is a student that exhibits strong organization skills and displays a strong rapport with his peers and staff at RAHS.  Cameron continues to prove to be a dedicated student in and outside of the classroom.   Cameron's respectful nature, selflessness and enthusiasm contribute to making the learning environment fun and memorable. I am proud to honor Cameron as the health student of the trimester.


Kathleen Tybor wrote:

Ketim Lamessa is our 9th grade student of the trimester. Ketim was chosen due to his high academic performance and attention to details in reporting lab data. Ketim has shown leadership skills among his classmates and also works well collaborating with his lab peers. When I asked Ketim what he would like to pursue after his high school years, he expressed a desire to become an engineer. I believe Ketim will be successful in any career path he takes, but also feels he has the "right stuff" to become an accomplished engineer.


Sara Mortel wrote:

The Social Studies Department is pleased to choose Wyatt Kwapick as student of the trimester for Trimester One. He is currently in AP Psychology and American Government and has shown superior work in many of the other Social Studies courses he has taken. As Ms. Mortel who nominated him wrote, "Wyatt makes my 2nd hour AP Psychology class into a community. He adds so much to the classroom dynamic. He is positive, funny, willing to volunteer, willing to help others, and consistently performs well academically.  He is the whole package of what makes a top-notch student."  Congratulations, Wyatt!


Jacob Krautkremer wrote:

Vikash Ramrattan has been in numerous Technology Education classes and has excelled in each one of them. He does an excellent job of listening to what needs to be done and then works hard to accomplish the task.  Vikash always has a great attitude and is willing to go above and beyond what is required.  He also asks good questions when he needs help.  Vikash is truly a joy to have in class.


Kirsten Peterson wrote:

The World Language department is pleased to honor Claire Restad as our Student of the Trimester.  Claire is in her 5th year of French and has also taken one year of Arabic.  She has a passion for languages and cultures and is always eager to practice her language skills.  She sets an example for her peers by speaking French in class, actively participating, and asking insightful questions. In addition to her excellent work in class, she has been involved in several language learning opportunities outside of class. Félicitations, Claire!