Sheridan Story

Sheridan Story is a community sponsored program that provides students with a small bag of food to take home over the weekend. Sheridan is now offering several specific food options which will be available to the students within a few weeks of signing up.

Meal 1:  Contains a canned fruit and/or vegetable, a protein (ex. tuna), a base (rice/pasta/dried beans) and an entrée (ex. soup).

Mobile Meal:  Contains pop-top fruit/vegetable and a variety of ready-to-eat-foods.

Culture 1:  Contains rice, black/pinto beans, corn/carrots/tomatoes and peaches/pears.

Culture 2:  Contains rice/pasta, tuna, tomatoes/peas and peaches/pears.

If you are interested in signing your student up for this program, please contact Student Services at 651-482-5289 or have your student return a registration card.

Also, if you are interested in donating or more information regarding Sheridan Story, please click on the link: