Winona State University Entrepreneurship Camp

On April 19th, seventeen FAHS students to Winona, MN for a three day entrepreneurship camp. Students were able to spend three days both on and off campus at Winona State University. They experienced sleeping in the dorms, eating an enormous amount of cafeteria food and relaxing in the quad. For some of the students, this was their first stay away from home and for many of my students, this was their first time on a college campus.

Students participated in a wide variety of activities. They attended classes, toured large and small local businesses, and worked in groups to build soft skills. The classes they attended helped them develop skills related to starting their own business and really truly believing in themselves. The college students running the camp served as mentors and guides for my students who got advice from someone near their age and found more people that believe in them.

Students navigated new and difficult situations. They really pushed themselves to try new things and learn from their experiences.  Staff are so proud of the students for the growth they showed in just three days, both individually and as a school community. This experience has instilled confidence in the students that they will take with them in their future endeavors.  Thank you to the students' families who attended, Donors Choose, and the district for the financial support to allow students to participate in this camp!