EDG Looking for Minnesota Reading and Math Corps Tutors

Edgerton is looking for caring adults to serve with Minnesota Reading Corps and Minnesota Math Corps. These programs help kids become successful readers and mathematicians. You’ll work directly with students every school day, during school hours, August - June. We’re looking to fill these positions:

-       Pre-K Literacy Tutor

-       Kindergarten Focus Literacy Tutor

-       K-3 Literacy Tutor

-       Math Tutor

Tutors come from many backgrounds and include recent high school and college grads, career changers, stay-at-home parents and retirees. With training, support from onsite coaches and evidence-based strategies, Reading Corps tutors are well-equipped to change lives. No previous teaching experience necessary!

Tutors earn a living allowance, education award (up to $5,920) to repay student loans or pay tuition, and federal student loan forbearance. Tutors may be eligible for health insurance and child care assistance. To learn how you can join our team as a Reading Corps tutor, visit www.readingandmath.net.

Questions? Contact recruitment@servetogrow.org or 866-859-2825.