RAMS 8th Grade Valleyfair

Our annual 8th grade Valleyfair trip will be held the day before the last day of school. Students will get their permission slips in STAR on Friday, May 18 or Monday, May 19. We will collect permission slips and $$ during C and D lunches Tues-Thur next week. You can also find the permission slip here. We are hoping all students who would like to can enjoy Valleyfair.  However, in order to go, students must follow particular behavior guidelines starting May 14th.  Students will not be allowed to attend if they have any one of the following:

·         5 unexcused tardies (total from all classes) or 1 CUT (truancy) from class

·         Referral for Level 2 or 3 behavior

·         Behavior choice that results in not being able to return to class for the day

·         Dismissal or suspension between Monday, May 14- Thursday, June 7