Student of the Trimester for Trimester III

2017-2018, Trimester 3

ART - Paul Moeller writes:  The Art Department would like to recognize Molly Dayton as student of the trimester. I have had the great fortune of being Molly’s teacher for three courses over the past two years and specifically Studio Clay this trimester. Her energy and attitude in the pottery studio room is a model for other students. It is a mix of quiet confidence and a great work ethic that is noticeable in her studio habits. Idea generation and incorporating yourself into your work can be a difficult process for young artists, but Molly makes the transition seem effortless. I know there is a lot of critical thinking going on back and forth between ideas, but she always comes through with those connections that work so well. She is after school working when time allows. With so many interests and talents in music and horses, I know her time is valuable and appreciate the energy she spends exploring her craft and ideas. Honestly I am not sure if she has ever disliked any project we have ever done as I never hear any complaints from her. That can be a refreshing trait as anyone who works with teenagers knows. My only hope is that she continues to find enjoyment in working with clay or any art for that matter!

AVID  - Kaliyah Nelson is such an important member of our AVID Class of 2021. When we are ready to have fun in class, she leans in. When we are ready to work hard, she leans in. When people need encouragement, she leans in. When we are talking about our future goals and aspirations, she dreams big and encourages others to do the same. Kaliyah is a role model for her peers. She arrives every single day with a positive attitude and is ready to do her best. She takes initiative and pays close attention to detail. In addition, she consistently scores high on all writing, inquiry, collaborative, organization, and reading assignments.

BUSINESS - Travis Birklid writes: William Richter is the Business and Computer Technology student of the trimester. William is currently taking the personal finance class Managing Your Money as well as Intro to Computer Science and Coding. Aside from doing well academically, what stands out is William's curiosity for learning in both classes and being very detail oriented. William also does a phenomenal job of taking responsibility for his learning and getting caught up from class when he is absent. I truly admire his work ethic and approach to learning.

CONNECTIONS - Jodi Kyllonen writes:  The Connections Department is happy to name Isabella Chavez as Student of the Trimester. Izzy is consistently on-task, hard-working, has a positive attitude, cares about the quality of her work and is a positive contribution to the class. Izzy is fun to be around and makes the class environment better! Keep up the great work!

EL - Laura Sakirgil writes:  I will forever remember Medi Omot as the student who perseveres. Medi arrived in the United States at the beginning of last year. When he arrived, he struggled with academics because of his difficulty with reading. With a lot of very dedicated, very hard work, he pushed through last year, became a successful reader and a much loved part of our EL program. I didn't know Medi well last year, though. I became Medi's teacher at the beginning of this year, when we were again asking him to push through the very difficult learning curve of writing. Some days it was rough going. Every single day that I handed him his notebook, I could see the struggle in him, not quite understanding why he had to do something that was not very fun and so very difficult. But he pushed himself beyond what any of us expected in such a short time. Medi not only perseveres, though. He is a wonderful person to have as a part of our EL program. He helps make our classes a fun, driven community to be a part of, which is not always an easy task. I'm sure I can speak on behalf of the EL department in saying that we are so happy to have Medi as a part of our program.

ENGLISH - Whitney Neal writes: Anders Engebretson is my choice for student of the tri for the English department for trimester three.  Anders is always willing to work collaboratively and offers great insight in class discussions. Anders asks critical questions and is conscientious in producing quality work

FACS - Amy Bailey writes:  The Family and Consumer Science Department would like to recognize Tara Doherty as student of the trimester. Tara has taken several FACS classes and has been our TA several times. She is currently in Creative Sewing and has never sewn before, but is a quick learner. She is very technical in her work and created an awesome quillo that surpasses what most beginners can do; it was near perfect. For her re-purpose assignment she took an old sweater and made it into an amazing pair of mittens. She was able to match the pattern on the mittens, which is a skill that is challenging for most experienced sewers. As a TA we don't need to even ask her to do things. If she sees something that needs to be done, she just does it. She will be greatly missed!

INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY - Ken Sopcinski writes:  Eh Nay Htoo is the IT dept. student of the trimester.  Eh Htoo has been chosen for his hard work and dedication in the auto mechanics classes. Eh Htoo is currently taking Auto IV and also works at Tom's Mobil on Rice Street where his duties include gas pump attendant, oil changes, brake jobs and tires. Eh Htoo plans to continue his automotive education by attending technical college after high school in order to become a fully certified automotive technician.

INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY - Brian Hoag writes: I have had the pleasure of working with Colin Bowers since his 9th grade year.  He has quite literally taken everything that we have to offer in Graphics.  Last year he began to work for me after school as a part time employee for Raider Grafix (our production printing company).  Colin has grown so much over the past four years.  He has a tremendous work ethic, is attentive to all the little details and has learned to troubleshoot when things don't go right.  I'm so proud of what Colin has contributed to our program over these past four years and I wish him nothing but the best as he begins his career in printing upon graduation.

MATH - Varsha Leiseth writes:  Hse Wah is a hardworking, sincere, organized, and motivated student. She sets clear, realistic goals for herself and works diligently and methodically towards achieving them. She is a resourceful, critical thinker who analyzes her work to improve its quality.  She advocates for herself and persists in her efforts when faced with obstacles. As a recent immigrant, Hse Wah has had her share of difficulties, but she has not allowed them to stand in the way of school success. Her determination is truly inspiring. She is a role model for her peers.

MUSIC - Pat Kelly writes:  Hannah Wehrman is a class act. She is a wonderfully talented violinist yet is also extremely humble. She is a team player in the best sense. She is the master of the stage crew on tour and in rehearsals and concerts. She has been section leader and leads by example as well as intentional communication. She is a role model with the students she teaches, is oh so dependable and above all else, Hannah is kind, respectful, generous and mature. She is highly regarded by her peers and pulls everyone up with her. She is every teacher’s dream student. I am so happy to honor her with student of third trimester 2018.

PE/HEALTH - Gwen Thielke writes:  Erin Doherty, a freshman, was chosen by our department because of her exceptional leadership in the class!  Erin always leads by example - she is always on time, very personable, brings a fun, contagious and positive energy, and she is so self-motivated day in and day out. Additionally, Erin, hands down, is one of the most encouraging, selfless, compassionate, and patient students I have ever taught. Erin is always willing to make sacrifices to help others first in our class.  Erin has a heart of gold and emanates the sense that she will be successful in whatever she sets her mind to do! Thank you, Erin!

SCIENCE - Mary Schifsky/Jodi Kyllonen write: Neal Dooley is a student that we have had the pleasure of teaching chemistry for 2 years now – both pre AP and AP Chemistry.  Neal has continued to impress us with his ability to take many concepts at once and solve very complex problems with little to no help from his chemistry teachers.  He is a student that takes new situations and accepts the challenge to figure it out with vigor. One other lasting impression that Neal has had on us is his ability to help and explain difficult concepts to his peers.  We have listened and watched with pride as he has helped his peers out!  Finally, Neal has also helped out our chemistry department during this trimester by being our teacher assistant.  He has taken on a new challenge of making sure our lab is always prepared with the correct solutions.  We are very happy that he was able to take on this job and we are very proud of the work he has done for us.

SOCIAL STUDIES - Amy Westland writes: Emily Wolfe has been chosen the Student of the Trimester or social studies. In the spring, we look for a senior who exemplifies what it means to be a great social studies student during their four years at RAHS. Emily has grown through her four years here to be an excellent social studies student. She has been active in the social studies department in all the core classes, but also taking AP psychology and sociology. She has been a TA in the department and has gone above and beyond in helping with lessons. Any art or project assignment is extremely high quality. She plans to be a teacher and has observed for her urban education class in the social studies classes of Ms. Westland, who nominated her. Congratulations, Emily!

WORLD LANGUAGE - Walaa Hamada writes:  The World language student of trimester three is Florence Lange.  Florence is a student who is very interested to learn a new language.  She improved her skills in Arabic so fast and she took responsibility to help and support her classmates.  I am really proud to have her in my classroom.