Student of the Trimester - Trimester 1

Trimester One 2018-2019, Student of the Trimester as selected by their teachers.

ART  – Mark Tinsley wrote: I’m choosing Grace Jackson. Grace has not only applied herself to make each work of Art meet expectations, she has chosen to use art to speak to social injustice thereby exceeding expectations. She is a team player who works hard and applies herself to every task she undertakes. 

AVID  – Kerri Werner wrote: The AVID department is excited to announce Ba Blu Htoo as our department's student of the trimester. Ba Blu has been an active member of the AVID program since 7th grade. She can be counted on to consistently show up for class, engage in learning and exceed teacher expectations.  Ba Blu demonstrates an ability to think critically beyond her years.

She is an extremely kind, compassionate student who consistently pursues opportunities to volunteer and give back to her community. Ba Blu values being a supportive role model for all students.  She has led student panels, middle school retreats, and she continues to take advantage of any opportunity to grow personally and professionally.  Ba Blu looks forward to representing women in STEM careers in college, and our department is excited for the bright future that awaits this amazing student.

BUSINESS  – Bruce Holmseth wrote: Joshua Yang is personable, determined and works hard to be the best student he can be. Josh is organized, completes his work on time and he has done a great job on business simulations. He is very diligent about succeeding and he is doing all the right steps to reach his goals.

CONNECTIONS  –  Mary Hannula wrote: It is not easy to be selected as the Connections Student of the Trimester. You have to impress all 4 core teachers all day long. It's not just being "on" for one hour  or one subject of your day. Its is showing growth, perseverance, and a commitment to our community day in and day out. We are proud to present Ahmir Bilal-Glass as the Connections Student of the Trimester. Ahmir has grown as a person and scholar since his freshman year.

In World History Ahmir has been focused and working hard. Ahmir also is kind to his classmates and uses humor to connect to with his classmates and learning. 

In Biology, Ahmir has been taking initiative and being responsible for getting his work done. He models ownership of his learning by asking clarifying questions and identifying where he needs help and because of his good relationships with his peers he engages them as well.

In Geometry, Ahmir is often the first one to start his homework and engages and asks questions during the notes. He is very good about coming for extra help to ensure he understands the material.  In English, he is creative and thoughtful. He is a willing participant in class activities and a leader for his classmates.

From his first day working with theater exercises and improve performance in class Ahmir has stood out as a leader and an incredibly talented creative thinker, developing a supportive space for his classmates and excelling as a performer.

ENGLISH LEARNERS – Nicki May wrote: Christ Say Paw is a diligent worker who strives to really understand the material in her classes. She asks great questions and constantly challenges herself. She has grown as both a student and a leader during her time at RAHS. She helps her classmates during class and encourages those around her to work beyond the bare minimum. I am proud to nominate her as our EL student of the trimester!

ENGLISH  – Brett Hemmerlin wrote: With pleasure, I would like to recognize Luna Yang as the RAHS English Department's Student of the Trimester.  Luna's enthusiastic attitude, strong work ethic, and consistent leadership make her an exemplary candidate for this honor.  Her AP Language and Composition class is considerably enhanced each and every day because of her adroit contributions and genuine curiosity.  

FACS  – Amy Bailey wrote: Lu Lu Paw Shwe is the Student of the Trimester for the Family and Consumer Science Department.  Lulu received this honor because of her quilt that she is making in the Creative Sewing I class.  She is a beginning seamstress and the quality of her work is superior to her peers.  Her determination and attention to detail is very evident in her projects.  This level of skill is very rare to see in a beginning  sewing student.  I look forward to working with her in the future and cannot wait to see her future projects evolve.  

INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY  – Jacob Krautkremer wrote: Aye Zar is currently in Learning the Trades class and has exemplified all of the characteristics of a model student. His willingness to try and learn news things and his work ethic are two of his greatest attributes in the classroom. Above all else, his attitude is what really separates him from a lot of his peers. He exudes positivity and he's fun to be around, always.

MATH – Sherah Head wrote: Rachel Stifter is an incredible person and an incredible student. She is an insanely hard worker and is not satisfied with simply earning a grade, but truly wants to understand the content in the classes she takes. She self-advocates and asks lots of great questions. At the same time, she is very personable and caring which comes out in how she interacts with her peers and teachers. But most of all, Rachel perseveres. Even when life or classes or both get difficult Rachel keeps trying. She keeps going. She may be overwhelmed for a moment, but she doesn't let that stop her. No matter the circumstance Rachel finds a way to move forward and succeed. It is this quality more than anything that will take her far in life.

MUSIC – Pat Kelly wrote: Our choice for the Outstanding Orchestra Student Award for Trimester 1 is Ricky Yang. Ricky is the epitome of what an outstanding orchestral player should be. He is first of all hard working. He practices diligently, and has written and received scholarships for private lessons. He doesn’t take no for an answer. He loved the violin so much that together, we found a way to make his dream come true.  He is a problem solver and never gives up.

Because of his grit and tenacity, he has grown from a shy freshman to an outstanding violinist and a leader playing first violin in the award winning Symphony Orchestra and the auditioned Chamber Strings. He is always on time, and attentive. He listens and then actually adjusts what he is doing. He is constantly improving. This is why he has come so far.

The reason Ricky Yang stands out is his obvious love of playing and his complete commitment to the process and performance of music. He LOVES violin. I mean he really LOVES it, tells people about it, is not shy about it, he is a one man promotional video for why everyone should play violin. He is totally committed to making the most beautiful sound that he can every time he puts his bow to the string. He puts his heart and soul into every note. His enthusiasm and serious commitment to Orchestra is why he was chosen. Congratulations Ricky!

PHYSICAL EDUCATION/HEALTH  – Ron Schnieder wrote: Deon has been a great student to have in class. He is considerate of others and can handle competition as just a game. He is always on time in his gym clothes and ready to participate.  Deon is also a volunteer in the community as an EMT assistant.  Thanks Deon for being you!

SCIENCE  – Peter Sullivan wrote: Joel is taking physics this term.  As a physics student Joel exemplifies the sort of effort that all students should put into classes.  He has been engaged in class activities each day, sometimes on his own, sometimes working with his partners, on lab work or problems solving.  Joel comes in many mornings to work with his physics teacher to better understand concepts and problem solving, arriving by 7 AM many mornings.   One really neat thing about Joel in physics is that he started using a three column approach to laying out equations that his teacher has not seen before.  His physics teacher showed some other students Joel's approach and now others are using it too.

SOCIAL STUDIES  – Ira Sanders wrote: The Social Studies department would like to recognize Zeb Kauth as Student of the Trimester.  Zeb Kauth is a self motivated student who has a natural desire to learn and a focused approach to his education. As a freshman in Current Events, he showed a natural curiosity about what was happening in our community and around the world. As a senior, his passion for civil and social justice is demonstrated in his Government class by his desire to understand and learn not only how our country works, but also what role he will play in our country's future. He was nominated by Mr. Sanders. Congratulations, Zeb!

WORLD LANGUAGE  – David Brooks wrote: Nickel is a very talented student in level 3 Spanish. She has an ability to comprehend and retain information quickly and completely. In the classroom, she consistently earns high marks and performs well in all aspects of the course. Aside from her propensity for language learning, what makes her such a strong language learner is her willingness to take chances and to play with the language. Where other students may feel constrained to only using the vocabulary that they know and prefer to stay within the confines of short simple sentences in the name of trying to do everything perfectly, Naomi is willing to take chances.  She creates and plays with the language while finding ways to challenge herself. The result is rich and expansive use of the language that has allowed her abilities to flourish. This drive for improvement and her desire to better herself are what truly make Naomi a model World Language student.